Yield Guild Games (YGG) 101: Overview of the Reliable P2E Game
Zatrun Published at March 25, 2023

Yield Guild Games is a sophisticated blockchain project supported by the YGG coin. Its models focus on community, decentralisation and play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse games, aiming to create fair and global socio-economic growth. Currently, many innovative protocols specific to blockchain are part of the ecosystem. Users can enjoy themselves or earn returns through these protocols via GameFi.

Yield Guild Games operates on Ethereum, the largest smart contract blockchain in the industry. As a result, the likelihood of adoption is higher than other blockchain projects. However, the success of the project is critical to this. In this article of, we delve into the depths of the Yield Guild Games ecosystem, exploring how the unique “Yield Guild” model works and the benefits of the native YGG token.

What is Yield Guild Games (YGG)?

Yield Guild Games was launched by a game studio founded by Axie Infinity creator Gabby Dizon. YGG operates as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). The platform offers users blockchain-based games and NFT buying services. As a result, the project aims to create the most stable virtual game world economy by effectively utilising community-owned assets. Users earn rewards most efficiently by playing games.

The project combines NFTs and DeFi. With the development of economic game structures, value-focused virtual worlds have been created in blockchain games such as Axie and The Sandbox. YGG’s market value was around $280 million in 2021 and received funding from companies such as Polygon, Blocktower, Scalar Capital, Youbi Capital, Delphi Digital, Sparq and Bitscale Capital.

The ecosystem aims to spread and enhance the value of NFTs across all areas of the blockchain gaming industry. Inspired by Axie Infinity, the project became the largest NFT play-to-earn ecosystem in a year after its launch in 2020.

How Does Yield Guild Games Work?

The Yield Guild Games project and related games operate on a type of distributed ledger based on computer science, cryptography, and mathematics – the blockchain. Therefore, Yield Guild operates by using a DAO that manages assets, parameters, and games in its ecosystem. The YGG DAO includes several “SubDAOs” that run their own management parameters. These SubDAOs consist of communities and NFT owners of sub-games within the YGG ecosystem.

The Yield Guild Games model blends DeFi and NFT investments to create a P2E metaverse economy. As a result, different players in the same NFT game can collaborate to maximise earning potential.

Guild members can lease and use community-owned in-game NFT assets stored in the YGG coin treasury to earn in-game rewards. Users who contribute to the assets receive a percentage of the players’ earnings. This is where the importance of the DAO comes into play.

What is YGG Token?

DAOs operate using smart contract technology. Smart contracts are pieces of code that can automate a financial or data transaction when a predefined set of parameters are met. Yield Guild Games, built on Ethereum, uses its own token for the smooth functioning of its DAO. This token, known as YGG coin, serves as a key to join the DAO. Participants in the DAO can vote in decision-making processes such as updates and changes using their tokens.

However, the benefits of YGG are not limited to the DAO. The cryptocurrency also allows users to passively earn returns and access exclusive content. YGG coin holders can increase their profits through DeFi products like staking and yield farming.

Additionally, they are required to make payments with this cryptocurrency for services such as NFT rental. Only YGG owners can access exclusive content on the DAO’s Discord server. All of this increases the use cases and adoption of the cryptocurrency.

Is YGG a Good Investment?

Yield Guild Games is a new project that profitably intertwines the nuances of the blockchain industry. The YGG model blends DeFi, NFT assets, and metaverse game features in a community-centric way. Furthermore, the project is attractive not only for P2E players but also for NFT investors who want to earn passive income.

The ecosystem has introduced NFT rental and SubDAOs to provide a platform that benefits both new and existing users. All of this increases the diversity and popularity of the ecosystem.

During troubled economic times, people tend to participate more in P2E games. This means that YGG could benefit from the current global crisis. YGG coin is currently the 360th largest cryptocurrency. The token has dropped by over 97% from its peak of $10.31 and is currently trading at $0.27.

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