The Sandbox (SAND) 101: Exploring the Entertaining Virtual World

The Sandbox (SAND) 101: Exploring the Entertaining Virtual World

Game-focused blockchain projects are becoming increasingly popular. Many investors see them as an opportunity to make money and a promising investment tool. One of the brightest game projects in recent years is The Sandbox. This project, which is in the metaverse category, offers users a virtual and unique reality experience. Anyone can play this game for free, and the local token SAND gives power to the platform.

Sandbox is a game that draws inspiration from Minecraft and offers voxel graphics to its users, competing with rivals such as Decentraland and Axie Infinity. Additionally, it increases its resemblance to Minecraft by providing materials such as stone, diamond, and soil. In both games, players complete various daily tasks, such as producing materials or building.

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox is a platform focused on creating gaming experiences and making money from them. Players can create games and their own virtual worlds within a decentralized architecture. Additionally, thanks to blockchain technology, they own everything they create. Users who contribute to the platform with their creations are rewarded with SAND coins for their active participation. The NFTs they create can also be sold for cryptocurrency.

Sandbox aims to overcome the limitations of a centralized gaming market. The voxel game platform stands out with the ability to create, play, share, collect or trade game items without a central authority. Each in-game item is a unique, blockchain-based NFT that confirms ownership. So, how do you create your own NFT? The Sandbox’s VoxEdit tool comes into play. This tool allows you to easily create custom NFTs.

How Much is a Sandbox LAND?

Like Decentraland, Sandbox also has parcels of land in its metaverse. Each parcel of Sandbox land exists as an NFT on the blockchain and is referred to as LAND within the game. When you acquire a LAND, you can create your own world by filling it with special items and structures called ASSETS. As a result, LANDs are extremely valuable. Each LAND exists as an NFT using the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum network, and there are a total of 166,464 LANDs.

So far, companies such as Square Enix, Atari, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Binance, and Smurfs have also purchased LANDs. The price of a LAND varies depending on its location in the game, visitor count, gameplay, and potential for earning money. Currently, the cheapest Sandbox parcel of land on sale is worth 0.95 ETH, which translates to a price of over $1,300. If you’re interested, you can visit Ethereum-based NFT markets like OpenSea.

What is SAND Token?

SAND coin operates on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 standard. It serves as the primary asset for The Sandbox platform, where you can create and explore your own virtual reality. Until 2018, the game was just an ordinary centralized project, but developer Animoca Brands acquired it to integrate blockchain technologies. Today, the game that uses the Ethereum blockchain also hosts many NFTs.

Currently, users can use SAND to buy in-game products and lands, participate in governance, and earn money through staking. The asset’s price increase occurred in late October 2021, with the effects of Facebook’s rebranding announcement to Meta. At that time, Mark Zuckerberg had made several comments about the metaverse. For those who don’t know, the metaverse is defined as a virtual universe that allows people to interact, learn, and make in-game purchases through their avatars.

Is SAND a Good Investment?

In November 2021, Sandbox (SAND) coin reached an all-time high of $7.55, as the crypto market was experiencing the fruits of a long-lasting bull run. However, the winds have turned in 2022, and cryptocurrencies have experienced significant price drops due to macroeconomic factors, which also affected Sandbox. As of March 2023, the crypto asset trades at $0.63.

Nevertheless, analyst opinions on SAND remain highly positive. The project has received investments from many major companies and has strengthened its position in the Metaverse space. Being an established player, it has proven its credibility. Despite having significant competitors in the field, Sandbox still has a large player base. Its ability to allow players to easily develop anything they want also sets it apart. Therefore, the price may recover with the crypto market or with developments in the game.

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