Alpha Quark (AQT) 101: An Easy Ecosystem for NFT Creators
Zatrun Published at March 25, 2023

Alpha Quark (AQT) enables the tokenization of intellectual property assets, making it possible for people to trade them quickly and easily worldwide. Additionally, the project makes investing in valuable assets even easier with the trend towards digitalization and technological advancements. AQT coin plays an important role in this process, as its popularity and market value increase, allowing people to access more intellectual property assets.

AQT makes access to intellectual property assets easier, helping people evaluate their investments and acquire valuable assets. The project aims to enable people to have even more valuable assets in the future and open up investment opportunities based on intellectual property. This article of will provide a detailed explanation of what Alpha Quark is.

What is Alpha Quark (AQT)?

Alpha Quark is a blockchain project focused on NFTs and the metaverse. It operates through its native cryptocurrency, AQT coin, and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The project also offers a bridge to BNB Chain and aims to expand towards other blockchains in the future.

Users have the advantage of printing, promoting, and trading NFTs on this platform. The ecosystem protects the intellectual property and copyright of users who print NFTs. NFT creators can easily access their digital assets through the NFT marketplace on the platform.

Additionally, the platform aims to offer users a metaverse experience in the future. AQT cryptocurrency will be used as an in-game token in the metaverse that is planned to be released. The metaverse, called Alpha Quark World, is currently in beta. The project plans to create an accessible market for intellectual property rights. Initially, it only served large companies and a few intellectual property rights holders, but now it offers a public service to everyone.

How Does It Work?

Alpha Quark is a blockchain project that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is connected to BNB Chain. It allows users to create NFTs and trade them through a dedicated marketplace. It protects the intellectual property rights of NFT creators by enabling easy access to their digital assets. The metaverse game called Alpha Quark World is also part of the platform’s offerings. The project aims to adapt to new trends with this virtual world.

Alpha Quark World

Alpha also provides financial services through its cryptocurrency, AQT. It creates a public market for tokenised intellectual property rights. The ecosystem focuses on Web3 and places emphasis on users, especially content creators, and their intellectual property rights. Currently, such rights are largely ignored on digital platforms. However, intellectual property is vital for any designer or developer.

What is AQT? Is It a Good Investment?

AQT coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Alpha Quark ecosystem, which is an ERC-20 token. However, this token is also available on the BNB Chain with the BEP-20 standard, and users can transfer their tokens between blockchains. The primary use case for AQT is to tokenize intellectual property rights. Users can prove ownership of their content’s intellectual property rights by turning them into tokens.

Furthermore, the asset also has various use cases in the Alpha Quark World Metaverse. The platform has recently turned its focus towards the DeFi space, allowing users to borrow crypto in the form of credit by providing their NFTs as collateral. This opens the door for users to earn passive income.

Although Alpha Quark initially focused on tokenizing intellectual property rights, it has now shifted its focus towards DeFi. The NFT market has declined after its surge in 2021, but the DeFi market continues to grow despite the bear market. If Alpha does not experience liquidity problems in the future, it could become a significant DeFi platform, allowing its investors to earn high returns.

However, AQT coin is currently ranked as the 496th largest cryptocurrency in the market. According to CoinMarketCap data, the project’s market value is around $33.6 million. The project’s future remains uncertain, but the AQT price has declined from its peak of $13 in 2021 and currently trades at $1.26. If you’re interested in the token, you can access exchanges such as BingX and

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