ROCO Finance 101: Unlock the Passive Income with GameFi
Zatrun Published at March 23, 2023

ROCO Finance is a platform that provides blockchain services for game developers, content creators, and gaming communities. As a decentralised GameFi platform, it operates on the Avalanche network and hosts a cryptocurrency called ROCO.

Founded by CEO Sebahattin Akay, ROCO Finance has collaborated with many partners such as Alameda Research, Avalaunch, Huobi Capital, Gate Labs, Hoop Ventures, Muhabbit Capital, Pangolin, M6, DCI Capital, and ZBS Capital, and continues to grow. In this article of, we have compiled all the details you need to know about the DeFi project founded by Turkish entrepreneurs.

What is ROCO Finance (ROCO)?

ROCO Finance brings game developers and players together. Users can earn money by playing games and trade in ROCO’s NFT marketplace. With ROCO coin acting as a bridge between games and the real world, in-game earnings can be used in the real world.

In addition, real-world values and assets can be used in the game. Thanks to DeFi features such as farming and staking, the protocol also allows players and developers to earn passive income. ROCO Finance is currently helping high-potential game projects grow and aims to guide the gaming ecosystem. Passive income opportunities are also among the reasons that make the platform attractive.

However, the presence of many competing and popular projects in the market leads to stiff competition for ROCO Finance. Many games such as Rise Online, Xerians Universe, Dogeon, Talecraft, Heroes of NFT, Crabada, and Islander have been released, which are currently providing millions of players with returns.

How Does It Work?

ROCO Finance provides NFT services to game developers and user communities for virtual item management, distribution, and exchange. Each of these transactions takes place on the Avalanche blockchain. Players have the advantage of converting their in-game profits into real-world currency and using real-world currency in the game. Players can earn real-world returns while having fun through games. In addition, the project manages staking and farming pools for joint gaming ventures and provides incentives to users.

ROCO Finance, which hosts a product called “Roco Starter”, facilitates the start-up and incubation stages of innovative game projects. It offers IDOs to connect joint ventures with gaming communities and facilitate investment. It allows joint ventures to benefit from the blockchain infrastructure technologically. In other words, it provides technical assistance to new projects. By contributing to the token economy of projects with staking and farming events offered after the seed and culture stages, it provides safe trading opportunities for investors.

What is ROCO Token? Is It a Good Investment?

ROCO is the native cryptocurrency of ROCO Finance. This cryptocurrency, which is built on the Avalanche blockchain, provides various benefits to users. For example, transactions made with ROCO coin are faster and cheaper. The rarity of NFTs can be proven, and they can be used in joint games. Users can trade assets peer-to-peer (P2P) with ROCO crypto, making in-game item exchanges easy and secure. Additionally, the buying and selling of the most valuable and rare virtual game items as NFTs can be done using this cryptocurrency.

ROCO token, which is used for in-game item trading, can also be used for DeFi purposes such as staking and farming. Users who stake their tokens or deposit them into liquidity pools earn passive income. In other words, the more ROCO you hold in your wallet, the more ROCO you earn over time, similar to earning interest income.

The total supply of ROCO token consists of 100 million tokens. 36 million of these tokens were sold during seed and private sales. The cryptocurrency, which was released in October 2021 at a price of $0.82, reached an all-time high of $6.08 within a few days. However, a few days later, the price of the token began to fall. With the emergence of the bear market in 2022, the cryptocurrency lost much of its value, falling to $0.15.

Currently, the project ranks as the 1174th largest cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap data. The asset has a market value of over $2.7 million and could see price increases in the future as the market recovers. However, the value of the asset is also linked to the adoption of ROCO games and the popularity of the Avalanche blockchain.

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