Crabada (CRA) 101: Discover the Universe and Earn Rewards
Zatrun Published at March 10, 2023

Crabada is gaining attention from many through the “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) model that has gained popularity in the gaming world. With this model, users can earn real-world rewards just by playing games. Blockchain projects like Axie Infinity and Star Atlas, which have become popular in recent years, use this model. In fact, Crabada’s architecture resembles Axie Infinity in many ways. It is an Idle game, which refers to simple games that run with just a few clicks.

In essence, Crabada is a blockchain and Idle game that lets you earn money by playing (P2E). The project gained popularity with a successful IDO in 2022. Additionally, the project’s native cryptocurrency, CRA coin, is quite popular among investors. In this article of, we will examine this project that has the potential to be competitive among P2E games in detail.

What is Crabada (CRA)?

Crabada is a P2E game that runs on the Avalanche blockchain and works with NFTs. The game takes place in a future where the world has been invaded by wild crab-like creatures and hosts GameFi elements. Players rediscover the developing Crabada Kingdom and earn rewards through activities such as mining, raiding, crafting, battles, and exploration. All game interactions in the project are transparently processed on the chain, providing transparency to the project, and increasing player confidence.

Each crab-like creature in the game is an Avalanche-based NFT with meta data such as statistical points, class type, and gender. Owners of Crab NFTs can mate them, sell them, and use them for trading. They can also earn rewards through activities like fighting powerful creatures for loot. However, it’s worth mentioning that different class types have weaknesses against other class types, much like Pokemon.

If you interested in, there are currently three main ways to earn cryptocurrency by playing Crabada: raiding and mining tasks, lending/expensive creature rentals, and entering the final battle. The economy of the game runs with the local cryptocurrency CRA, so the rewards received are also obtained in this cryptocurrency. In the game, you can breed your own crabs, stake tokens, mine, craft, and fight against rivals. To play the game, you can visit the project’s website.

What is CRA, TUS and CRAM Tokens?

Within the Crabada ecosystem, there are three different tokens, each with its own specific use. These are: CRA, TUS, and CRAM.

CRA is the primary governance token for the Crabada game. With this cryptocurrency, users participate in the platform’s management by voting on proposals, enabling the project to be decentralized. Additionally, users can passively earn rewards by staking their CRA coins. This means locking up their assets for a specific period and receiving additional rewards at the end of the period. Moreover, rewards within the game are given in this cryptocurrency.

TUS coin is the in-game currency used in Crabada. Players can earn TUS coins by mining, looting, and lending their creatures in NFT form through the tavern. You can also purchase this cryptocurrency with money through the game’s decentralized exchange (DEX). TUS coin, which traded at an all-time high of $0.35 in 2022, is currently available for purchase at a unit price of $0.00008645.

CRAM coin is a token used to gain advantages and access special rewards within the Crabada game. With this token, you can enhance your creatures in various ways. Moreover, users who stake CRA coins receive their rewards in CRAM coins. Information such as CRAM’s market value is not available on CoinMarketCap as the asset is listed among untracked tokens.

Is CRA a Good Investment?

The team behind Crabada has proven themselves by successfully launching the game. After the launch, the project managed to reach a large group of investors. Moreover, the project’s roadmap is promising. However, the game’s similarity to Axie Infinity in many aspects is a disadvantage. Currently, Axie Infinity is a leading Play-to-Earn game.

CRA coin, which was launched in November 2021, reached $2.37 in just a few weeks. However, since February 2022, the price of the cryptocurrency has started to decline. Today, one CRA coin is trading at $0.0042. With a market value of over $1.09 million, the game is ranked among the top 1420 projects in the crypto industry. However, the price is significantly lower than its levels from a year ago. Therefore, those considering investing should keep an eye on developments related to Crabada.

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