Paul Krugman 101: The Recognised American Economist
Zatrun Published at March 22, 2023

Paul Krugman 101: Who is an American Economist and Writer? in our article of, we will cover in detail everything you need to know about the American economist and writer Paul Krugman that our readers are curious about.

Who is Paul Krugman?

Paul Robin Krugman (born February 28, 1953) is an American economist, intellectual, columnist and author known for his contributions in the fields of international economics, trade theory, economic geography, and international finance. He is professor of economics and international relations at Princeton University and Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics (LSE). Krugman is also a columnist for The New York Times.

Born in New York City to a Jewish family, Krugman spent his childhood on Long Island, southeast of New York City. He received his secondary education at John F. Bellmore. He completed his studies at Kennedy High School. Krugman is currently married to Robin Wells, an academic professor at Princeton University, and this is his second marriage.

Krugman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2008 for his analysis of the location of economic activity and trade patterns in commercial models. He is known for his expertise in the fields of international economics, trade theory, economic geography, and international finance.

His Career Life

Paul Krugman started his career as a writer for Fortune and Slate magazines before contributing to publications such as Harvard Business Review, Foreign Policy, The Economist, Harper’s and Washington Monthly. since 2000, Krugman has been writing a biweekly column for The New York Times, to which he began contributing weekly in 2007.

He published his book named “The Great Unravelling” in 2003, in which he criticised the economic and foreign policies of the Bush administration. The book became a bestseller in the United States, in 2007 becoming the 20th. He published “The Conscience of a Liberal”, which presents a critique of the economic policies of America. Starting in March 2011, Krugman began writing for the weekly Star Newspaper called “Global Economy”.

His Achievements and Awards

In 1991, Paul Krugman received the John Bates Clark Medal from the American Economic Association (AEA). This award is given every two years and is considered by The Economist to be almost as prestigious as the Nobel Prize. In 1995, he was awarded the Adam Smith Award by the National Association for Business Economics. In 2000, Krugman received the HC Recktenwald Economics Prize from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany.

He was named Columnist of the Year by the Editor and Publisher in 2002. In 2004, Krugman received the Prince of Asturias Award in Social Sciences from the Fundación Príncipe de Asturias in Spain. In 2008, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. June November 2005 and June 2008, respectively, ranked sixth and thirtieth.

According to online reader surveys, Paul Krugman is on the list of the Top 100 Public Intellectuals according to the magazines Foreign Policy and Prospect. In 2015, Krugman was ranked fifth in a survey of the world’s leading thinkers conducted by Prospect magazine, in which almost 3,000 people participated. He also has many important publications such as academic, economics textbooks, general reader books, academic articles.

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