Lei Jun 101: The Successful Founder of Xiaomi
Zatrun Published at April 07, 2024

Lei Jun 101: Who is the Successful Founder of Xiaomi? in our article of, we will cover in detail everything you need to know about Xiaomi Founder Lei Jun, a Chinese billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist who our readers are curious about.

Lei Jun

Who is Lei Jun?

Lei Jun, a Chinese billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist, was born on December 16, 1969 in Xiantao, Hubei, China. He founded Xiaomi in June 2018 after the company went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Xiaomi has since become one of the largest manufacturers of technological devices in the world.

Education and Career Life:

After graduating from Mianyang Middle School (now Xiantao Middle School) in 1987, he started attending Wuhan University. He excelled in all his courses, earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science in two years, and founded his first company in his final year of university. He joined Kingsoft as an engineer in 1992. in 1998, as CEO, he led the company’s initial public offering. Lei Jun resigned from the position of president and CEO at Kingsoft on December 20, 2007 for health reasons.

Lei Jun

After Decamping from Kingsoft, he became a prolific angel investor in China and among them , UCWeb and social platform he has invested in more than 20 companies, including . He continues to invest in companies in the e-commerce, social networking and mobile sectors through Shunwei Capital, the investment company he co-founded. in 2004 he founded the online bookstore and sold it to Amazon for $75 million in 2004. he became the president of UCWEB in 2008.

in 2010, Lei Jun founded Xiaomi, a technology company that produces smartphones, mobile applications and consumer electronics. The co-founders included Lin Bin, vice president of the Google China Engineering Institute, Zhou Guangping, senior manager of the Motorola Beijing R&D center, Liu De, head of the Industrial Department of the Beijing University of Science and Technology, and Li Wanqiang, general manager. Wong Kong-Kat, head of development at Kingsoft Dictionary, and Hong Feng, senior product manager at Google China, also took part. Lei Jun re-joined Kingsoft as president in 2011. in 2013, he was appointed as a delegate to the National People’s Congress and was named Business Person of the Year by Forbes in 2014.

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