Lee Boo-jin 101: Successful Businesswoman and Billionaire
Zatrun Published at April 08, 2024

Lee Boo-jin 101: Who is a Successful Businesswoman and Billionaire? in our article of, we will cover in detail everything you need to know about Lee Boo-jin, a successful businesswoman and billionaire that our readers are curious about.

Lee Boo-jin

Who is Lee Boo-jin?

A successful South Korean businesswoman born in 1970, she has held the positions of President and CEO at Hotel Shilla, which is currently one of the most acclaimed hotels and conference centers in Seoul. Lee Boo-jin, referred to by the press as “Little Lee Kun-hee”, is highly respected in the business world for his outstanding contribution to the success of Hotel Shilla. As the younger sister of Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Jae-yong and older sister of Samsung Prosperity Foundation Chairman Lee Seo-hyun, Lee Boo-jin has a family lineage based on business excellence.

Lee Kun-hee, the late billionaire chairman of Samsung Group, was the father of an extraordinary woman named Lee Boo-jin. She attended Daewon Foreign Language High School, a prestigious Korean institution, before receiving a bachelor’s degree in children’s studies from Yonsei University. Currently residing in Seoul, South Korea, Lee married Im Woo-jae in 1999, earning him the nickname “Mr. Cinderella” due to his humble background as an employee of a Samsung Group security service subsidiary. they separated in 2012 and had a son.

Paid January 2020, their divorce settlement required Lee to pay Im $12.1 million for an asset sharing. Paying July 2017 $7.6 million to Lee’s ex-husband, the couple’s legal battle had started earlier, however, with a court order ordering him to pay $1.1 billion, allegedly one of the largest sums ever demanded for a South Korean asset, and eventually Lee was granted sole custody of their son.

Lee Boo-jin

Career Life:

Lee Boo-jin’s professional career journey began in 1995 when he joined the Samsung Welfare Foundation, a charitable organization founded by his family’s conglomerate, the Samsung Group. in 2001, he switched to Hotel Shilla, a Samsung Group member company specializing in travel retailing and accommodation, where he became quite successful. He later became President and CEO in December 2010.

From December 2010 to December 2015, Lee also served as Samsung Everland’s Head of Corporate Strategy and Samsung C&T’s commerce department advisor. The two companies merged in September 2015 to form Samsung C&T Corporation. He also served as an Independent Non-Executive Director of CITIC Limited from 2014 to 2019.

According to the latest estimates, Lee Boo-jin’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.3 billion as of February 2023. In particular, her business acumen and leadership skills have earned her recognition and she has been regularly included in Forbes’ list of the “100 Most Powerful Women in the World” since 2015.

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