Cihat Dundar 101: Building Successful Brands with Biota

Cihat Dundar 101: Building Successful Brands with Biota Labs

Cihat Dundar is the founder and CEO of Biota Laboratories, which was established in 2002. Biota Laboratories is the parent company for brands such as Bioxcin, Bioder, Biobaby, Bioblas, Restorex, and Nutraxin. Dundar and his team develop plant-based products under these brands, which aim to provide long-term solutions to their customers. Uncover the story of Cihat Dundar with this guide.

Who is Cihat Dundar?

Cihat Dundar was born in Germany in 1972, and he moved to Turkey when he was 20 years old. Shortly after his move, he completed his military service in Sirnak. In his early career, Dündar worked as a manager for several companies, while also conducting research on medicinal plants and dermocosmetics, which he was passionate about.

In 2002, Dundar founded Biota Laboratories, which focuses on providing plant-based solutions for beauty and health issues. He launched Bioder, which he formulated himself, one year after establishing Biota. Bioder was successful not only in Turkey but also internationally, providing a solution to unwanted hair growth. In 2006, Dundar and Biota launched Bioxcin shampoo and serum, which provide a plant-based solution to hair loss.

In 2008, Cihat Dundar introduced three new brands and products: Deracine, which includes anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle, skin cleansing, and moisturizing products; Bioblas, which is a range of hair care products for women; and Biomeen, which is a range of hair and skincare products for men.

Today, Dundar owns the largest pharmaceutical factory in Turkey and the third-largest in Europe. The 35,000 square meter factory provides employment for thousands of people and sells its products to around 65 countries, primarily in Europe.

In 2008, Cihat Dundar also established the Biota Foundation, which focuses on education and the environment. The foundation aims to preserve Turkey’s 3,200 endemic plant species, as well as provide scholarships to students.

Cihat Dundar and Biota Laboratories

Biota Laboratories, founded by Cihat Dundar in 2002, develops effective and long-term plant-based solutions to health and beauty problems. Biota Laboratories includes brands such as Bioxcin, Bioder, Biobaby, Bioblas, Restorex, and Nutraxin and aims to create global brands by continuously developing new products.

Biota’s brands, which combine health and beauty, offer effective plant-based solutions for various problems. These products are available at numerous points of sale, including pharmacies, supermarkets, chain stores, and perfumeries. The company’s products are sold in a total of 65 countries worldwide, from South America to Russia, and from Saudi Arabia to Australia.

Cihat Dundar and Biota R&D Center

Biota R&D Center provides services in an 800 m2 area with six independent laboratories. It has an advanced infrastructure in terms of equipment and devices. The analytical devices in the R&D center include devices such as HPLC-MS-MS, GC-MS, Real Time PCR in molecular biology, and DNA-RNA protein imaging system.

In addition, “climatic chambers” used to determine the shelf life of products are also available within the laboratory. Moreover, the company has a scientific board composed of leading academics from Turkey’s top universities. This scientific board provides services at the Biota R&D Center.

What is Bioder?

Bioder is the first brand of Biota. It provides solutions to women’s skin problems. Biota, which deeply examines the anatomy and histological structure of the skin and hair, developed a ground-breaking innovation in 2002 by producing the “BIODER Epilation and Depilation Aftercare” series that reduces hair visibility. Furthermore, the efficacy and reliability of Bioder have been proven by the German Dermatest Research Clinic.

What is Bioxcin?

Bioxcin is one of the most well-known and high-selling brands of Biota, which was launched in 2006. It was specially developed for people experiencing hair loss problems. It was formulated after 4 years of R&D studies and presented to consumers. Bioxcin products prevent hair loss and support hair formation by strengthening hair follicles with regular and continuous use. In the hair loss market, where it specializes, Bioxcin has managed to expand the market and is the market leader in the pharmacy market, which is its sales channel.

What is Bioblas?

Bioblas is a brand that was introduced in 2008, with a “Herbal Serum-infused” formula that fights against hair loss. It is a product that is highly appreciated by consumers, with a satisfaction rate of 90%. After its launch, the brand became the leader in the anti-hair loss shampoo market for three years. Additionally, in 2011, Bioblas was awarded the Consumer Quality Award. Currently, Bioblas is sold in thousands of locations, including local and international markets, chain stores, and perfumeries.

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