Ariel Rubinstein 101: Famous Israeli Economist
Zatrun Published at April 22, 2023

Ariel Rubinstein 101: Who is the Famous Israeli Economist? In this article on, we will cover in detail everything you need to know about Ariel Rubinstein, an Israeli economist who works in the fields of economic theory, game theory and limited rationality that our readers are interested in, in detail.

Who is Ariel Rubinstein?

Ariel Rubinstein is an Israeli economist specialising in economic theory, game theory, and bounded rationality. Born on April 13, 1951, Rubinstein has made significant contributions to these fields throughout his career.

Ariel Rubinstein is an economist who has served as a professor of economics at Tel Aviv University and the Department of Economics at New York University. From 1972 to 1979, he studied mathematics and economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In 1982, he published a paper entitled “Perfect Equilibrium in a Bargaining Model”, which made an important contribution to bargaining theory. The model, also known as the Ariel Rubinstein bargaining model, describes the two-person bargaining game as a comprehensive game with excellent information, in which players offer alternative offers. An important assumption is that the players are impatient. The main result specifies the conditions for the game to have a unique subgame perfect balance and characterises it.

His Achievements, Awards and Publications

Ariel Rubinstein’s achievements and accolades include being elected a member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities (1995), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1994) and a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association (1995). He was also elected a member of the Econometric Society in 1985 and became its president in 2004.

in 2002, Tilburg University awarded Rubinstein an honorary doctorate degree. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the Bruno Prize (2000), the Israel Economics Association Award (2002), the Nemmers Economics Award (2004), the EMET Award (2006) and the Rothschild Award (2010).

Ariel Rubinstein is the author of many influential works in the fields of economics, game theory and bounded rationality. His influential works are “Bargaining and Markets” (1990), “A Course in Game Theory” (1994), “Modelling Bound Rationality” (1998), “Economics and Language” (2000), “Lecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory: An Economic Agent” (2006) and “Economic Fables” (2012). Rubinstein’s other works include “AGADOT HAKALKALA” (2009), translated into English as “Stock Stories”.

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