Ecomi (OMI) 101: Explore the All-in-One NFT Platform
Zatrun Published at April 23, 2023

Ecomi (OMI), when it comes to virtual environments, is a leading player in the crypto world. This special project enables the purchase of digital NFT collections and demonstrates a great example of augmented reality environments. Read the article of for detailed information about the project and discover one of the most beautiful examples of AR/NFT focused crypto projects.

What is Ecomi (OMI) and How Does It Work?

Ecomi is a platform that allows for the purchase, sale, and display of digital collections. The project has launched the Veve Market, which can be used through mobile devices. Users can download the Veve Market application on their smartphones as OMI owners. Thus, they can share their digital collections with the community by creating virtual exhibition halls or offering them for sale.

VeVe Market

VeVe allows users to create virtual exhibition halls to share their collections or other assets. This way, digital collections can be displayed in an environment like social media and discovered by potential buyers. Additionally, there is an opportunity to stake on the platform. By staking, users can earn OMI token rewards. Thus, in addition to holding and selling their digital assets, users can also earn income through staking.

Ecomi allows users to access digital collections with its Veve Market NFT marketplace. There are various usage cases for the NFTs within the collections, and the platform also supports DeFi. This means you can earn passive income through ways such as staking. The platform, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, aims to revolutionise the NFT field. For this, it has released a cryptocurrency known as OMI coin.

Is OMI a Good Investment?

OMI is an ERC-20 token with various use cases on the Veve platform. This token enables interactive buying, selling, and displaying of digital collections. With OMI tokens, users who are OMI token holders can interact with other users and sell their digital items on the Veve marketplace as part of the ECOMI project. The Singapore-based ECOMI technology company provides secure, private, and fast NFT creation processes with blockchain technology.

The NFT market saw significant adoption in 2021. At that time, many people described the rise as “hype.” Indeed, this was the case, and the NFT market experienced a significant decline in 2022, with few major players aside from a few large marketplaces. Veve market of Ecomi was also one of them. The platform experienced a significant loss of value, falling behind in the market and currently ranking 2831. However, OMI coin continues to trade on several leading exchanges such as Bybit.

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