Wonder Secret Club NFT: 5555 Unique NFT Collection
Zatrun Published at April 08, 2023

The Wonder Secret Club NFT is a collection of 5,555 NFTs minted at a price of 0.04 ETH. The collection was released on July 31, 2022. In this article on, we will explain the details of the Wonder Secret Club NFT collection. We wish you pleasant readings.

What is the Wonder Secret Club NFT?

Wonder Secret Club NFT is a new art project born from the combination of a nostalgic worldview and Web3. In addition, the story is about a group of children who take on various mysterious events that occur in the fictional town of Fortville (FORTVILLE). In October, the emphasis is on the story and the setting, including nostalgic and mysterious developments. There are 5,555 unique characters in the collection.

The performed art represents a retro and nostalgic worldview. For this, most of the parts were created in grayscale. This is in stark contrast to the colourful and interesting art of the NFT field. Access to the Wonder Secret NFT Club will help to support new NFT projects. In addition, earning points are distributed back to the community. NFT owners are eligible to participate in special gift sweepstakes.

The Wonder Secret Club NFT provides access to the DAO. A special fair service is provided to the owners. 30 Percent of the printing revenue was sent to the designated community wallet. An impartial service means that all owners decide on the service. Therefore, all NFT owners are allowed to vote to determine the direction of the Wonder Secret NFT Club.

How and Where to Buy Wonder Secret NFTs?

Investors interested in the Wonder Secret Club NFT collection should visit the collection’s page on OpenSea. In addition, there are several transactions that investors who want to be a part of the collection must make. Investors who want to buy this NFT collection must first have a digital cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. The MetaMask wallet is one of the wallets that should be used for trading on NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

Wonder Secret #869

After the wallet is owned, investors should buy some ETH to use in paying. The ETH received must then be transferred to the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet. ETH is known as the most widely used cryptocurrency for NFT purchases. Users who transfer the received ETH to their wallet should connect their digital cryptocurrency wallet to OpenSea as the last step. After the user establishes a connection, he can select the NFT he wants to buy and complete the purchase transactions.

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