Marscoin (MARS) 101: Is It the New Favourite of Elon Musk?
Zatrun Published at April 08, 2023

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has various ideas about colonizing Mars, which he shares on Twitter. In this regard, the CEO proposed Marscoin as the common currency to be used if life is established on Mars. The tech billionaire argued that a cryptocurrency would be necessary for trading among colonies on Mars.

However, the answers to questions about what Marscoin is, and its benefits are yet to be known, but more information is likely to emerge in the future. When that happens, we will share it with you here on

What is Marscoin and How Does It Work?

Marscoin is a cryptocurrency designed to support the Mars community and the Mars One program. The project donated 400,000 MARS coins to the Mars One program and community. The project has advantageous features with a cryptocurrency that offers low transfer fees and fast transaction processing to its investors. Moreover, depending on the pool’s liquidity status, coin holders can earn much more income from passive income.

Investors find the opportunity to support space exploration by using Marscoin. This support is made possible by investing in one of the Kickstarter projects in the project. In this way, cryptocurrency investors can contribute to space exploration.

The project supported by Elon Musk aims to be the payment tool to be used on Mars. This goal is in line with the tech billionaire’s vision.

What is MARS and Where to Buy It?

Marscoin is referred to as MARS in the cryptocurrency market. The project works as a self-managed liquidity network, and MARS coin is an important factor here. The cryptocurrency has a mechanism for earning cryptocurrency by regularly paying its investors.

The SafeMaes platform provides MARS token holders and staking investors with high passive income. Additionally, support can be obtained from the platform’s accumulated liquidity. MARS also enables quick and easy transfers between cross-border wallets.

Marscoin is a cryptocurrency that has found a place in the market with the support of Elon Musk. In 2021, Musk said, “It seems like Mars might have its own cryptocurrency. But it’s going to be a local currency on Mars.” After this statement, MARS coin experienced a significant increase and reached $0.33. However, it later lost most of its value and currently trades at $0.090. Investors who want to buy MARS can access the cryptocurrency exchange called “DEX-trade”.

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