TOKO Token (TKO) 101: Discover the Benefits of TKO
Zatrun Published at December 29, 2023

Cryptocurrency markets are emerging in every country worldwide. TokoCrypto, designed for the Indonesian market, will be the main topic of this article. Launched four years ago, the project has transformed into a complete product ecosystem to meet Indonesia’s new growing crypto market. Nevertheless, the market and TOKO Token (TKO) seem to have been affected by the current crypto winter. If you are interested in the cryptocurrency, keep reading this article on

What is TokoCrypto?

TokoCrypto is a cryptocurrency product ecosystem targeting the user base in Indonesia. Since its launch in September 2018, the user base has reached over 30,000 investors weekly, with a daily transaction volume of $25 million. To achieve this, the company combined central features such as cashback with DeFi products like yield farming. This made the transition to crypto much easier for beginners.

TOKO Token (TKO)

It became the first platform registered with the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency, making it one of the first regulated cryptocurrency exchanges. The company also launched a cryptocurrency for blockchain-based DeFi and CeFi products. TOKO Token (TKO) currently has significant use cases within the ecosystem.

What is TOKO Token (TKO)?

Over the past four years, TokoCrypto has developed a complete ecosystem for Indonesian users. The Toko exchange provided a platform for investors to trade cryptocurrencies and access DeFi opportunities. Other features include the NFT marketplace TokoMall, physical meeting platform T-HUB, and social welfare initiative TokoCare.

TOKO Token (TKO) powers this ecosystem and has rich benefits among different products. Owners have access to airdrops, transaction fee discounts, and special products. TKO coin also works as a payment method for TokoMall. Additionally, users can earn returns by staking and yield farming TKO coins.

Is It a good investment?

Tokocrypto and Toko Token claim to bring revolutionary technology to Indonesia’s finance world. Tokocrypto is the first company to use blockchain technology and hybrid token functions on a single platform, bringing decentralised finance (DeFi) to Indonesia. There are almost no other major projects operating in the country. Therefore, TKO has few competitors. Currently, the cryptocurrency is the 385th largest globally with a market cap of over $55 million.

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