MANTRA Coin 101: Unlocking the Future of DeFi
Zatrun Published at December 30, 2023

MANTRA Coin or OM is a blockchain ecosystem that’s seamlessly integrated and developed in compliance with legal regulations. The ecosystem, rebranded as Mantra DAO, is built on the RioChain blockchain, with its native token, MANTRA Coin. MANTRA Coin is an ERC-20 token with versions on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchains.

The MANTRA Coin Project and Whitepaper

MANTRA aims to foster the adoption of the Web3 concept and establish connections with the Polkadot blockchain. Built on the Cosmos SDK, the MANTRA chain provides an efficient foundation and developer tools to create everything from NFTs, games, and virtual worlds to secure and compatible decentralized exchanges.

Through its IBC module, it can collaborate with other blockchains in the Cosmos network. It’s also EVM-compatible, bringing together the flexibility and reliability of the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems in a developer-friendly environment. The rebranding process has given the OM ecosystem a unified structure representing all the projects it nurtured.

As part of its rebranding process, OM is focusing on decentralized finance (DeFi). This period emphasizes the importance of staking and lending, with a goal of becoming a globally regulated platform.

Meet the Founders of OM

MANTRA was founded by Will Corkin, Rodrigo Quan Miranda, and John Patrick Mullin. Besides the founding partners, here are some key members of the MANTRA team and their roles:

  • Stephen Peeples – Chief Legal Officer
  • Juan Suarez – Chief Technology Officer
  • Virgil Chan – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Brian Norman – Chief Financial Officer
  • Roland Daniellczyk – Chief Risk Officer

Applications of MANTRA

MANTRA Coin serves various purposes, including:

  1. MANTRA DAO governance
  2. Staking
  3. Lending
  4. Distribution of interest earnings
  5. Buying, selling, and trading on exchanges that list it

What Sets MANTRA Coin Apart?

MANTRA is making a mark with products targeting individual and institutional investors worldwide. As it expands its ecosystem during the rebranding process, the MANTRA project aims to dominate a broad spectrum, from DeFi to NFTs. Here are the unique aspects of the MANTRA project:

MANTRA Nodes: These nodes are central to the ecosystem, involving blockchain infrastructure services, retail staking, corporate delegation, node management, and white-label validator operations.

MANTRA Chain: It operates as a protocol for regulated assets within the COSMOS ecosystem. It combines the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, built on a framework that is IBC and EVM compatible.

MANTRA Finance: It aims to bring the speed and transparency of DeFi to the TradFi world. While striving to become a globally regulated protocol, its target audience is investors from all around the world.

MANTRA DAO: Developed to engage the community in the project, MANTRA DAO serves the goal of introducing transparent governance mechanisms.

Pros and Cons of MANTRA Coin

MANTRA Coin has advantages and disadvantages, providing investors with the freedom to stake and lend through popular DeFi services. Here’s an overview of what makes MANTRA Coin advantageous and some of its limitations:


  • Ability to earn income through staking and lending
  • Fast and low-cost transaction processing
  • Deflationary MANTRA supply
  • Supported by a governance process
  • Bridges the Cosmos and Ethereum blockchains
  • Listed on major exchanges, including Binance


  • Despite a limited supply, its price has remained below $1 due to low interest.
  • Price movements are considered “aggressive.”
  • After the rebranding process, some investor groups view it with suspicion.
  • Faces strong competition in the staking and lending sector.

In summary, MANTRA Coin is a versatile project offering a wide range of services under its brand, from staking to various DeFi offerings. It has unique features and ambitions to expand into multiple sectors within the blockchain space. To explore a detailed analysis and gain additional insights, visit to find a thorough examination of MANTRA Coin, offering valuable perspectives on its functionalities and applications.

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