Linear (LINA) 101: A New Potential for More Accessible DeFi
Zatrun Published at April 11, 2023

Linear (LINA) is the first Delta-1 protocol that provides surveillance, decentralisation, and cross-chain trading while allowing for fast, seamless, and cost-effective exchange of liquid assets between blockchains. In doing so, it expands its user base by providing positive benefits to investors. In this article of, you can find answers to all the questions you may have about the project.

What is Linear and How Does It Work?

Linear (LINA) is a multi-chain DeFi protocol with unlimited liquidity designed to create synthetic assets. The long-term DeFi vision of the protocol is to democratise access and increase inclusivity. LINA coin serves as the platform’s native cryptocurrency, enabling various payments. The network aims to make both traditional and decentralised finance more accessible and healthier.

Linear (LINA) is currently collaborating with platforms such as DuckDao, Moonrock Capital, Black Edge Capital, Band Protocol, Vendetta Capital, Soul Capital, NGC Ventures, Alameda Research, GBV, CMS, and Kenetic, among others. These institutional collaborations facilitate the project’s growth and attract companies. The companies are achieving their goals by using many DeFi products in the project.

Linear has a decentralised staking platform called “Buildr” that enables LUSD staking. LUSD is a stablecoin provided by the Liquity Protocol, and its value is always equal to one US dollar. The project also supports the quick and low-cost trading of digital assets through an exchange. The exchange, which enables fast and instant transactions, allows for the trading of liquid assets via spot cryptocurrencies, commodities, and thematic indices.

Meanwhile, another product called “Swap” makes it possible to combine LINA coins from different blockchains. Swap is a swap product that minimises gas fees. Finally, the project also has a product called Vault, which is designed for users seeking passive income. To earn rewards paid in USD, BUSD, and LINA tokens, you need to lock LUSD and LP tokens.

What is LINA Token? Is It a Good Investment?

LINA is the native and governance token of the Linear platform. With this cryptocurrency, users can participate in platform governance and vote on proposed offers. In addition to governance, LINA coin can also be used to provide liquidity. For example, you need to have a certain amount of LINA coin in your wallet to stake LUSD coins.

Price of LINA (1 Year)

Linear provides investors with a suitable platform to build and manage risk portfolios for both traditional and digital products, allowing them to save on fees and democratise access to investment assets. Therefore, it expands access to investment assets democratically. Integration with Polkadot, along with other possible future integrations, could potentially expand the platform’s growth, taking the project and LINA coin even further.

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