Aavegotchi (GHST) 101: Discover the Profitable P2E Game!
Zatrun Published at April 11, 2023

Aavegotchi (GHST) is a blockchain project aiming to create a cryptocurrency that functions in DeFi and NFT markets. It was developed inspired by Aave and Tamagotchi games and built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform’s token, “GHST,” is named after the word “ghost.” In this article on, let’s get a closer look to the project.

What is Aavegotchi and How Does It Work?

Aavegotchi aims to combine the DeFi and NFT sectors to focus on different systems accessible on a single platform. The platform offers features such as DeFi token collateral, rarity, game mechanics managed by DAO, smart contracts, and open voting. These features are integrated into the blockchain gaming industry. The project also aims to introduce the world to NFT games supported by digital assets.

Aavegotchi Universe is a blockchain platform consisting of wearable items, sprit force (Custodial Contract Address), and similar features. The platform provides a DeFi experience in the form of a game. It also has a DeFi ecosystem that allows users to collect and compete with the game’s NFTs.

Aavegotchi expands the ERC-988 standard, allowing the production and management of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs known as wearable devices in the ecosystem. The platform’s features are classified into randomly generated features, kinship, experience, level, and meeting place. Each ERC-721 NFT manages a custodial contract address (sprit force) that holds the “aToken” features. “aTokens” increase according to the amount of “aToken” held in the wallet. Aave’s LendingPool allows passive income to be earned.

What is GHST? Is It a Good Investment?

GHST is a governance token released to the market and used by the DAO community. Additionally, users can spend GHST as a payment method to purchase wearable NFTs. To buy Aavegotchi Metaverse land, you need to stake GHST tokens. This will enable you to have REALM tokens.

Price of GHST

Aavegotchi is a blockchain project that aims to combine DeFi, NFT, and gaming industries under one roof. The project is currently the 414th largest blockchain project with a market cap of $49.9 million. Users can earn income by playing various NFT games on the platform. In addition to NFT technology, the platform supports DeFi elements such as yield farming and staking. GHST coin is currently trading at $1.11 and may increase in the future as NFT adoption grows.

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