Apollo Currency (APL) 101: Fast and Secure Transactions
Zatrun Published at December 07, 2023

Apollo Currency was designed and released on the NXT blockchain as a cryptocurrency. The asset claims to have some of the best features in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. An intermediary currency was introduced to enable users to buy and sell their valuable assets with complete privacy.

The team behind the project has partnerships with many firms such as Netcoins, Aircoins, Bitfi, Vimana, ADF Group, and Sovereign Union. This increases investor interest in the asset. So, what exactly is Apollo Currency and what are the analyst expectations for APL? In this article of, you cand find answers to these questions.

What is Apollo Currency and How Does It Work?

Apollo Currency is a digital asset that is among the first cryptocurrencies to offer complete privacy. Users can transact without being seen by anyone thanks to IP masking and unblockable nodes. This feature aims to bring a new dimension to the world of cryptocurrency and eliminate government regulations. Apollo was designed with the goal of providing a fast and sustainable blockchain, and Apollo Fintech aims to offer all its features on a single platform.

Apollo Currency (APL)

The current blockchain design is mostly transparent. So, when you transact with a cryptocurrency, anyone who knows how to look can see it. This means a lack of security and privacy, especially for institutional investors. Cryptocurrencies such as APL coin and Monero aim to solve this problem. However, Apollo distinguishes itself from other privacy-focused altcoins by offering complete privacy and high transaction speeds.

Apollo Currency is divided into three different categories: government products, commercial solutions, and consumer solutions. The main product is the National Currency Platform, which offers every citizen the ability to access government services from a single location. This platform, easily accessible via electronic devices, reduces tax evasion, prevents identity theft, and increases government revenue.

This government control system allows for the tracking of citizens’ actions from a single location. This way, the government not only controls its main systems but also tracks the interaction of each citizen.

What is APL? Is It a Good Investment?

Apollo Currency is recognized as the cryptocurrency that offers the fastest transactions. APL coin is the cryptocurrency of the platform and provides fast and impressive performance. With the advantage of completing a transaction in just 1-2 seconds, it transfers assets at a speed similar to traditional systems. Additionally, it allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without compromising their privacy.

The token reached an all-time high in April 2021 with a price of $0.0097 but later experienced a downturn, which was a significant factor in the bear market that began in 2022. Currently, APL coin is the 813th largest asset in the cryptocurrency market, with a market value of $9.4 million. Although it offers significant services, Apollo Currency operates in a highly competitive market. Therefore, investors are advised to conduct their own research.

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