Alien Worlds (TLM) 101: Explore the Exciting Universe of P2E
Zatrun Published at December 06, 2023

Alien Worlds (TLM) is a Metaverse project that simulates economic collaboration and competition among players. This project diversifies its virtual world by bringing together different blockchain industries such as DeFi and NFTs. Players compete to buy TLM coins to gain access to additional gameplay and control rival Planet DAOs. In this article by, we will examine the next-generation Metaverse project, Alien Worlds.

What is Alien Worlds and How Does It Work?

Alien Worlds Coin is an NFT-based Metaverse project. Players compete for Trillium (TLM), a rare resource found in this Metaverse. The project’s native cryptocurrency, TLM coin, is used to manage the planets (DAOs) in the game. Players staking TLM and voting in the DAOs represent the DeFi aspect of the Metaverse game. Accordingly, it is possible to earn returns through various financial means.

Alien Worlds (TLM)

The project is a multi-chain game that can operate on several networks. The game is built on WAX, which is a local fork of Ethereum, BNB Chain, and EOS network. Similarly, Trillium is hosted on three blockchain networks. However, all network maintenance and updates are done through WAX.

Alien Worlds takes place in a dystopian universe where humanity has spread throughout space. In the high graphics game, players can fight and capture planets representing different DAOs. It is also possible to explore other planets and collaborate with other players. TLM coin is the foundation of the game and is a valuable scarce resource. Players can mine TLM and earn token and NFT rewards, and buy and sell in-game items in NFT format.

What is TLM? Is It a Good Investment?

Alien Worlds is a Metaverse that combines DeFi and NFT areas, and the native cryptocurrency is TLM coin. The token is created using an ERC-20 smart contract in Ethereum and is transferable between Ethereum, BNB Chain, and WAX blockchains.

The asset can be used for many different purposes in the game; voting in the management of planets, buying, or upgrading in-game items, using it as a payment method in NFT trading, and rewarding active players are just a few. Additionally, TLM coin can be staked, offering coin holders a passive income opportunity.

Alien Worlds is currently one of the leading players in the Metaverse world. With over 200,000 new players joining daily, it has yet to reach its full potential. The Play-to-Earn model has been a significant change in its development and exponential growth. Additionally, the stable in-game currency, TLM coin, has attracted investors.

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