US Internet Giants Lose Over $800 Billion in 12 Months
Zatrun Published at April 27, 2023

The largest internet companies in the United States have suffered significant losses in their market capitalization over the past 12 months, amounting to over $800 billion. The losses reflect the prevailing economic uncertainty arising from tightening monetary policies and higher inflation, leading to heightened stock market volatility.

Internet Companies Losing Market Cap

As of April 2023, the combined market cap of the largest US internet companies stands at $3.53 trillion, down from $4.34 trillion in April 2022. Streaming platform Netflix was hit particularly hard, with a loss of 36.18% in market cap, followed by Airbnb with a loss of 29.36%. Amazon, the second highest-valued internet company in the US, experienced a market cap drop of 28.43%.

Other notable losses include PayPal at -19.22%, Alphabet at -15%, and Uber at -3.16%. On the other hand, online travel firm Booking Holdings experienced gains of 10%, while Equinix’s market worth increased by 2.09%.

The decline in market cap has direct implications for the operations of the internet companies, with some firms resorting to cost cuts, freezing new hires, and laying off staff. It also underscores the need for companies to be adaptable and prioritise sustainable growth strategies that can weather changing market conditions.

However, some experts believe that the current valuation of tech stocks shouldn’t necessarily be a cause for concern, and that the tech stocks’ stretched valuations and strong outperformance compared to other sectors in the wake of the pandemic were part of a larger cycle of market volatility.

Market Downturn Hits Netflix the Hardest

Streaming giant Netflix has been particularly affected by the recent market downturn, with its subscriber growth stagnating due to increasing competition, password sharing, and the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

Despite these challenges, there remains a bullish outlook for the tech sector. The industry’s resilience is a key factor, and there is potential for growth in new areas such as artificial intelligence (AI). Internet Companies that can continuously innovate and adapt to new trends are more likely to remain relevant and sustain their valuation, increasing investor confidence and funding.

Investors will be keeping an eye on the economic outlook and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies to contain inflation. Overall, the recent market volatility underscores the need for companies to prioritize sustainable growth strategies that can weather changing market conditions.

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