Steven Landsburg 101: The Controversial Economist from the US
Zatrun Published at March 16, 2024

Steven Landsburg is one of the leading professors of economics in the United States. He also served as a faculty member at Colorado State University from 1989 to 1995. He is currently working in the department of economics at the University of Rochester in New York state.

In addition to his scientific personality, Landsburg is a writer and commentator who frequently expresses his opinions on legal and political issues and sometimes faces criticism. He has written columns for many magazines and newspapers throughout his life. If you want to learn more about his work and life, you can check out the subheadings in this article.

Steven Landsburg

Who is Steven Landsburg?

Steven Landsburg, who was born on 24 February 1954, decided to study economics after completing his high school education. He started his undergraduate education in the department of economics at Rochester University. After completing his degree in economics, he received his doctorate degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago in 1979. Landsburg’s academic work benefited many fields of science, especially algebraic K-theory, philosophy of science and moral philosophy.

Landsburg, who comes from an Eastern European Jewish family, continues to teach at the University of Rochester. He teaches basic and advanced level microeconomics courses to his students with his expertise in economics. He also continues to influence fields such as economics, sociology, philosophy with his various books. Steven Landsburg’s most famous books are as follows:

  • Price Theory and Applications (1989)
  • The Armchair Economist (1993)
  • Fair Play (1997)
  • More Sex is Safer Sex, The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics (2007)
  • Can You Outsmart an Economist? (2018)

Landsburg and Criticisms

Steven Landsburg is a columnist who describes himself as “a staunch Liberal” and wrote columns for Slate magazine from 1996 to 2008, covering many topics. In his writings, he made intense criticisms and claims on issues such as the legal system, social structure, and environmentalism in the USA. In a blog post dated 20 March 2013, Landsburg suggested that “you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t cause direct physical harm to anyone”. This suggestion was heavily criticised because this understanding of crime legitimised many crimes such as rape.

Steven Landsburg

The students at Rochester University collected hundreds of signatures for a petition demanding that the university condemn Landsburg. In addition, the students staged a protest within the university. All this attracted the attention of the local media. Following the events, Landsburg apologised by saying that his blog post was misunderstood.

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