Shigenobu Nagamori 101: Micromotor Revolutionist
Zatrun Published at July 01, 2023

Shigenobu Nagamori, a name synonymous with innovation in the world of micromotors, had humble beginnings. Born in 1944, he was raised in a simple farming family in the picturesque city of Kyoto, Japan. His journey from these rustic roots to becoming a billionaire businessman is a testament to his unwavering determination and commitment to engineering excellence.

Nagamori’s educational journey led him to the Polytechnic University near Tokyo, where he pursued a degree in electrical engineering. Armed with this knowledge and a relentless drive to succeed, he embarked on a professional career that would lay the foundation for his future endeavors. Before the inception of Nidec in 1973, Nagamori honed his skills and gained valuable experience by working for two engineering firms.

Building the Empire: Nidec and Beyond

The crowning jewel of Shigenobu Nagamori’s career is undoubtedly his role as the chairman and CEO of Nidec. This multinational corporation has earned its reputation as the world’s largest manufacturer of micromotors designed for hard disks and optical drives. Nidec’s cutting-edge technology and relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of micromotors have transformed industries and redefined standards., in its thorough exploration, has unveiled the intricacies of Nagamori’s journey, from his early years to the pinnacle of corporate success. This comprehensive analysis sheds light on the driving force behind Nidec’s remarkable growth and innovation.

Vision for the Future: Nidec’s Path to 2030

Nagamori, with a 12% direct stake in Nidec and further interests held through his personal asset firm, SN Kosan, remains a driving force behind the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence. While his role as CEO is secured, he made a significant announcement in 2018, designating vice president Hiroyuki Yoshimoto as the new president. This strategic move signifies Nagamori’s commitment to succession planning and ensuring a bright future for Nidec.

Beyond corporate governance, Nagamori has a grand vision for Nidec. He aspires for the company to achieve a remarkable milestone: reaching ¥10 trillion ($91 billion) in revenue by 2030. This ambitious goal is underpinned by Nidec’s dedication to manufacturing motors tailored for electric vehicles, a sector poised for substantial growth and transformation.

The Philanthropic Heart: Shigenobu Nagamori’s Contributions

Shigenobu Nagamori’s impact extends beyond the corporate world. He is the visionary founder of the Nagamori Foundation, an institution dedicated to supporting and celebrating advancements that contribute to scientific and industrial development, particularly in research and technology. The foundation serves as a catalyst for research in various aspects of power generation and champions solutions that not only enhance affluence but also prioritize environmental conservation.

One of Shigenobu Nagamori’s notable contributions is the institution of the “Nagamori Awards.” These prestigious accolades, initiated in July 2014, recognize emerging R&D engineers in the realm of motor-related technologies. The awards highlight the importance of innovation and research excellence. Recipients of these awards, including individuals like Bulent Sarlioglu, Bin Yao, Jose Antonino-Daviu, and Elena Lomonova, have made significant contributions to the field.

In 2017, Nagamori made a remarkable announcement, pledging $90 million to establish an engineering research project at Kyoto Gakuen University. This transformative program, commencing in 2020, will benefit 200 undergraduate and 100 graduate students, furthering scientific and technological innovation.

Balancing Success: Personal Life and Artistic Pursuits

While Shigenobu Nagamori’s professional life has been marked by unparalleled success, his personal life reflects balance and fulfillment. He is a married man with two children, residing in the enchanting city of Kyoto. Beyond his business and philanthropic endeavors, Nagamori also finds solace in the world of art.

His art collection, valued at an estimated $1 billion, features works by legendary artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Lucian Freud, and Henry Moore. Notably, he has also made record-breaking art purchases, such as Francis Bacon’s Triptych 1974–1977, reflecting his passion for artistic expression.

In conclusion, Shigenobu Nagamori’s life is a remarkable saga of unwavering dedication to innovation, a commitment to philanthropy, and a deep passion for art. His vision for Nidec’s future and his substantial contributions to the realm of technology and science continue to shape industries and inspire future generations.’s insightful investigation provides an exclusive glimpse into the life and legacy of this engineering magnate.

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