Radovan Vítek 101: Real Estate Tycoon and Controversies
Zatrun Published at July 06, 2024

Radovan Vítek, born on January 22, 1971, is a prominent Czech billionaire renowned for his real estate investments. As the majority shareholder in CPI Property Group, a conglomerate with a vast property portfolio valued at €9.8 billion, Vítek has made a significant impact on the European real estate market. has delved deep into his intriguing journey, which is marked by astounding success and a series of controversies.

Building a Real Estate Empire

Radovan Vítek’s career in the real estate industry began in the 1990s in Slovakia during a period of voucher privatization. However, it was in 1997 that he made his way back to the Czech Republic to embark on a journey that would ultimately reshape the real estate landscape.

In 1996, Vítek acquired an investment fund known as Boleslavsko, a crucial turning point that would pave the way for his future real estate endeavors, including the establishment of CPI (now known as CPI Property Group). His strategic focus at the turn of the century revolved around the rapidly developing retail sector. As the Czech Republic prepared to join the European Union in 2004, Vítek foresaw tremendous potential in this sector.

During the economic downturn, when competitive bidders were scarce, Vítek diversified his investments significantly, particularly into the office segment. The result was the foundation of an extensive real estate portfolio. In 2014, he merged CPI with GSG Group, a major owner-operator of commercial real estate in Berlin, to create CPI Property Group (CPIPG), one of the most substantial real estate groups in Central and Eastern Europe. As of September 2020, Forbes estimated Vítek’s net worth at an impressive $4.4 billion, reflecting his remarkable achievements in the real estate sector.

Radovan Vítek: A Legacy of Controversies

While Radovan Vítek’s business acumen has propelled him to the upper echelons of the real estate world, his career has not been without controversies. One of the notable incidents involved a fine levied by the Luxembourg regulator CSSF at the end of 2017. The fine was related to the acquisition of shares in Orco Property Group and alleged an “undisclosed concert action.”

In April 2019, Vítek and CPI faced a significant lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The lawsuit, amounting to $1 billion in damages, was filed by the New York hedge fund Kingstown, along with Investhold LTD and Verali Limited. The plaintiffs alleged violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) and claimed that Vítek used shell companies and “straw owners” to gain control of Orco Property Group. These allegations included selling valuable assets at “distressed prices.”

CPI strongly refuted these claims, asserting that they lacked merit. The company suggested that the lawsuit was intended to force an unjust settlement through negative media coverage. Notably, a similar lawsuit had been initiated by Kingstown in Luxembourg in 2015, but it was subsequently dismissed. On September 4, 2020, the Southern District of New York Court dismissed all claims against Vítek and directed the closure of the case.

A Glimpse into Radovan Vítek’s Personal Life

Radovan Vítek is a married man with four children and resides in Switzerland. In 2015, he made headlines for purchasing Rydinghurst, a 17th-century estate in Surrey, England, covering 200 acres, from the iconic British rock star Ringo Starr for £13.5 million. The acquisition was driven by Vítek’s desire for his children to receive an education in England, further underlining his commitment to providing the best for his family.

Radovan Vítek’s life is an intricate tapestry of real estate triumphs, legal battles, and personal achievements, making him a captivating figure in the business world. While his path to success has not been without its share of controversies, his enduring influence on the European real estate market remains undeniable.

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