Mark Scheinberg 101: A Business Tycoon's Journey
Zatrun Published at May 07, 2024

Mark Scheinberg, a prominent Israeli-Canadian entrepreneur, and investor, was born in Israel in 1973. At the age of 13, he, along with his family, made a life-altering move to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They settled in the charming town of Richmond Hill during the 1980s, where Mark’s journey towards becoming a business magnate would truly begin. For an in-depth analysis of Mark Scheinberg’s career and the PokerStars phenomenon, be sure to visit

PokerStars and the Rise to Prominence

In 2001, Mark Scheinberg embarked on a groundbreaking venture by co-founding PokerStars alongside his father, Isai Scheinberg, who was a skilled computer programmer. Under Mark’s leadership, PokerStars achieved unprecedented success, eventually becoming the world’s largest online poker business. It also gained recognition as the host of the world’s most extensive online tournament series. The acquisition of the Full Tilt Poker brand in 2012 further solidified PokerStars’ dominance in the industry.

As Scheinberg’s leadership continued to steer the company to new heights, an historic moment loomed on the horizon. In August 2014, Oldford Group Ltd., the parent company of PokerStars, was acquired by the publicly-listed Canadian corporation, Amaya Gaming Group, in a monumental deal valued at $4.9 billion. Following the successful completion of the transaction, Mark Scheinberg bid adieu to his role within the PokerStars group.

Venturing Beyond Poker: Real Estate and Luxury Hospitality

Mark Scheinberg’s influence extends far beyond the realm of online poker. Through his investment company, Mohari Hospitality, he entered the world of real estate. In 2017, Scheinberg made a significant investment in Centro Canalejas Madrid, a prominent real estate project situated in the heart of Madrid, Spain. This ambitious project, set for completion in 2019, involves the meticulous restoration of seven historic buildings.

The renovated structures will serve various purposes, including residential, hotel, and commercial use. Centro Canalejas Madrid will also house the first-ever Four Seasons hotel in Spain, fostering economic growth and creating thousands of jobs.

In a separate venture, a Canadian subsidiary of Mohari Hospitality acquired the Thompson Toronto hotel in downtown Toronto, Ontario, in September 2017. The boutique hotel boasts 105 rooms, event spaces, as well as restaurants and lounges, further diversifying Mark Scheinberg’s business portfolio.

Mark Scheinberg: The Man Behind the Fortune

According to The Sunday Times Rich List in 2021, Mark Scheinberg’s net worth was estimated at a remarkable £3.519 billion. Despite his incredible financial success, Scheinberg remains single and resides in the Isle of Man.

Mark Scheinberg’s influence goes beyond business and investments. In March 2020, he and his family established The Scheinberg Relief Fund, allocating a generous $50 million towards supporting organizations and initiatives that combat the direct impact of COVID-19 in locations where the family has a business or personal presence. His philanthropic endeavors extend to conservation and animal welfare as well, with contributions to initiatives such as the Wildlife Ranger Challenge.

In summary, Mark Scheinberg’s journey from Israel to Canada, his role in revolutionizing the online poker industry through PokerStars, and his foray into real estate and luxury hospitality through Mohari Hospitality exemplify a remarkable business career.

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