Mahfi Eğilmez 101: Successful Turkish Economics Expert
Zatrun Published at March 02, 2024

Mahfi Eğilmez who is a Successful Turkish Economics Expert? in our article of, a successful economics expert that our readers are curious about, and also a bureaucrat, manager and writer, we will cover in detail everything you need to know about Mahfi Eğilmez.

Who is Mahfi Eğilmez?

Mahfi Eğilmez is a Turkish economist, bureaucrat, executive, and author. He was born in Istanbul in 1950. Mahfi Eğilmez graduated from the economics and finance department of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University in 1972. He earned his doctorate degree with his thesis titled “Financing of Public Economic Enterprises at Gazi University” and holds a license as a sworn financial advisor.

Mahfi Eğilmez

After starting as an assistant finance inspector at the Ministry of Finance, he served in various positions, such as economic counselor and chief counselor, in the United States. He was appointed as the Undersecretary of Treasury but left public service and worked for the World Bank on behalf of Turkey. He resigned from the Higher Education Council membership and joined the private sector. He served as a member and chairman of the board of directors in financial institutions and left his full-time positions as of 2006.

He wrote columns for Radikal newspaper and was a commentator on NTV television channel. He gave economics, finance, and economics courses at Istanbul Bilgi and Kadir Has Universities. He currently teaches at Altınbaş University and writes about economics on his website. He has 22 published books and numerous articles.

Works and Achievements:

Mahfi Eğilmez is recognized as an important commentator and writer on economic and political issues. He stands out for expressing his ideas clearly in his writings on his own website, social media accounts, and speeches on television and radio programs.

Eğilmez has reached a wide readership with his work in economics and the books he has written. He touches on important topics such as the Turkish economy, fiscal policy, investments, and financial markets in his books and articles.

Mahfi Eğilmez

Mahfi Eğilmez has received many awards and medals. Among these is the “Most Successful Finance Inspector” award given by the Turkish Ministry of Finance. Due to his achievements and work in economics, he has been awarded honorary doctorates by many universities and institutions.

Eğilmez is a very important opinion leader on the Turkish economy and political life, and continues to work on these topics. Through his articles and speeches on economic and political issues, he reaches a wide audience and shares his ideas about Turkey’s future.

Literary Contributions:

Mahfi Eğilmez, a writer who has a keen interest in literature in addition to his professional career in economics. He started his literary career with the novel “Anitta’s Curse” published in 2002. His first novel is about the Hittite civilization, and his second novel “Escape from Hattusa” published in 2008 is a sequel to the first novel. Mahfi Eğilmez expresses his admiration for classic crime novels and authors while emphasizing that he focuses on topics such as financial crimes and political corruption that are not often discussed in Turkey, instead of murder and killer themes.

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