Gerard de Malynes 101: An Important Figure in Trade Economics
Zatrun Published at April 02, 2024

Gerard de Malynes was a British philosopher who lived during the 16th century. He focused on government policies and trade economics. Though his birth and death dates are uncertain, experts believe that he lived between 1585 and 1627. He was an important historical figure for the British economy and investors. In this article, you can learn more about Gerard de Malynes’ life, ideas and contributions.

Who is Gerard de Malynes?

Gerard de Malynes was born in London around 1585. His father was a merchant who had migrated from France to England. Malynes began receiving a rigorous education at a young age and became an expert in trade economics and monetary policy. In 1601, he took part in the founding of the East India Company and supported many of the company’s policies.

Malynes brought many benefits to the British government, especially with his ideas about trade economics. He provided consulting services to the government on monetary policy. Additionally, he worked at the Royal Mint and carried out numerous efforts to maintain the value of the British currency. Malynes passed away in 1641, but his ideas are still being debated today.

Malynes presented many ideas on trade and monetary policies. One of his most important ideas was that trade was a tool that regulated economic relationships between countries. Furthermore, he was one of the liberal economists who claimed that trade could reduce imbalances between countries and help countries become richer.

Regarding monetary policy, he believed that it was important to maintain the value of currencies and that the value of currency had an impact on a country’s economic prosperity. Additionally, Malynes believed that governments could prevent economic crises through monetary policy.

His Important Works and Legacy

As a merchant and economic philosopher, Malynes provided consulting services to many companies and organizations and authored many books throughout his life. Some of his most important books include:

  • A Treatise of the Canker of Englands Common Wealth (1601)
  • St George for England, allegorically described (1601)
  • England’s View in the Unmasking of two Paradoxes (1603)

Gerard de Malynes is still a debated figure in universities today due to his ideas that trade is a tool that regulates economic relationships between countries and the value of currency has an impact on economic prosperity. He is also viewed as an important figure in monetary policy due to his consultation for the British government.

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