Christian Haub 101: Business and Philanthropy Visionary
Zatrun Published at February 07, 2024

Christian Haub, a prominent German billionaire businessman, has left an indelible mark on the world of commerce and philanthropy. Born in 1964, Haub’s remarkable journey has seen him serve as the CEO of the Tengelmann Group, chair and president of Emil Capital Partners, and as a former director and CEO of Montvale, New Jersey’s Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. His influence transcends borders and industries, making him a notable figure in the business world.

With a net worth estimated at US$2.9 billion as of August 2021, Christian Haub’s career is a testament to his business acumen and leadership skills. A pivotal role in his journey is his position as a partner and CEO of Tengelmann, a conglomerate that operates across various sectors and regions. has delved into the intricacies of Haub’s career, shedding light on his contributions to the Tengelmann Group and the wider business community.

Christian Haub: A Business Luminary with a Global Footprint

Christian Haub’s role as a director of Metro Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, exemplifies his international reach and influence. Serving on the board of a major Canadian company underscores his commitment to global business development. His prior directorship with the Food Marketing Institute and BrightFarms showcases his dedication to driving innovation and progress within the industry.

During his tenure at the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P), Haub wore multiple hats, including CEO, executive chairman, and executive committee chair. His leadership at A&P extended over several years, demonstrating his enduring commitment to the company’s growth and success. From 1993 to 2002 and then from 2002 to 2004, Haub served as the company’s president, further solidifying his position as a key figure within the organization.

Beyond Business: A Philanthropic Heart

Christian Haub’s contributions go beyond boardrooms and balance sheets. He is a member of the Boston College board of trustees, where his insights and leadership play a vital role in shaping the educational landscape. Additionally, Haub serves as an advisory board member of the Schulich School of Business at York University in Canada, where he actively participates in fostering academic excellence and industry collaboration. His previous role on the board of trustees of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, highlights his dedication to both national and international educational institutions.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Haub was honored as the Grand Marshal at the German-American Steuben Parade in New York City in 2009. This prestigious title is a testament to his commitment to strengthening the bonds between Germany and the United States. His past collaborations with The Children’s Health Fund underscore his dedication to philanthropic causes, particularly in the realm of healthcare and child welfare.

The Art of Giving: A Legacy of Generosity

In December 2014, the Tacoma Art Museum revealed its Haub Family Galleries wing, made possible by Erivan and Helga Haub’s generous donation of $20 million and 295 pieces of Western art. This contribution has elevated the Tacoma Art Museum into one of the leading institutions for Western art in North America. Christian Haub’s passion for art and culture is exemplified through this legacy.

In 2015, Christian Haub and his wife, Liliane, received the James F. Cleary ’50, H’93 Masters Award from Boston College. This accolade recognized their pivotal role in expanding the network of current-student parents at the university and promoting BC’s growing reputation for academic excellence.

A Family Man and Visionary Leader

Christian Haub’s personal life is anchored by his marriage to Liliane, and together, they are proud parents to four children. Their home in Munich, Germany, serves as a hub for both personal and professional pursuits. Haub’s commitment to his family, along with his extensive business and philanthropic endeavors, paints a holistic portrait of a visionary leader whose influence extends far beyond the corporate world.

Christian Haub’s life journey is a testament to the transformative power of business leadership, global engagement, and unwavering commitment to philanthropy. His story continues to inspire and illuminate the path for future generations of leaders and changemakers, both in Germany and around the world

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