Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor 101: Peruvian Tycoon
Zatrun Published at April 30, 2024

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor, born on April 11, 1959, is an influential Peruvian billionaire businessman known for his significant contributions to both the financial and retail sectors. As the owner of 71% of Intergroup Financial, a prominent Peruvian banking and retail group, he has left an indelible mark on the country’s economic landscape.

Rodríguez-Pastor is a multifaceted entrepreneur, serving as the chairman and CEO of Intercorp, the managing general partner of Nexus Group, and the chairman of Interbank. His journey from a tumultuous early life to becoming a billionaire business tycoon is a story worth exploring. has conducted a detailed analysis of his life and accomplishments.

Early Life and Resilience

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor’s life story is a testament to resilience and determination. He was born in Peru on April 11, 1959, and his early years were marked by significant challenges. In 1968, following a political coup, he and his family were forced to flee to Ecuador and later California, seeking stability and a brighter future. His father, Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor Sr., served as Peru’s Minister of Economy from 1982 to 1984, demonstrating the family’s deep connection to the country’s economic landscape.

Despite the challenges he faced, Rodríguez-Pastor pursued his education with determination. He attended the Immaculate Heart College in Lima, Peru, where he began to lay the foundation for his academic journey. In 1983, he received a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, marking the beginning of his formal education. His commitment to academic excellence was further solidified when he obtained an MBA from the Tuck School of Business in 1988.

A Remarkable Career Trajectory

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor’s career trajectory is a testament to his dedication and leadership abilities. From 1990 to 1993, he served as a vice-president at Citibank in New York City, gaining valuable experience in the heart of the financial world. Subsequently, from 1993 to 1995, he held the position of managing director at Banco Santander, New York, further enhancing his expertise in the financial sector.

Since 1995, Rodríguez-Pastor has held pivotal roles, illustrating his multifaceted business acumen. He assumed the roles of chairman and CEO of Intercorp, serving as the guiding force behind the organization’s success. Simultaneously, he took on the role of managing general partner of Nexus Group, expanding his influence across various industries. As the chairman of Interbank, he played a crucial role in steering the bank to new heights.

Beyond these key positions, Rodríguez-Pastor also serves as a director of several prominent organizations, including Royalty Pharma, Casa Andina, Interseguro, Supermercados Peruanos, Inteligo Bank, InRetail, Innova Schools, and NG Restaurants. His diverse portfolio of leadership roles reflects his broad expertise and dedication to success.

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor: Philosophy and Legacy

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor is not one to flaunt his wealth, with a down-to-earth attitude that has led him to remark, “I don’t see what the big deal is.” Despite his significant achievements, he remains modest, focusing on the impact of his work rather than personal recognition.

In 2011, Bloomberg recognized him as one of the “hidden billionaires” worldwide, underscoring his ability to operate discreetly while achieving remarkable success. The following year, Forbes magazine placed him on its list of the richest individuals globally, further highlighting his financial achievements.

In 2012, Rodríguez-Pastor founded InRetail, a holding company with interests in managing supermarkets (Supermercados Peruanos), shopping centers (Real Plaza), and pharmacies (InkaFarma). This diversification of business interests showcased his forward-thinking approach and his commitment to providing valuable services to the Peruvian population.

Personal Life and Family

Beyond his professional endeavors, Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor is a family man. He is married to Gabriela Perez Rocchietti, and the couple has two children. While his business ventures often take him around the world, they primarily reside in New York City, balancing the demands of a global career with family life.

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor’s journey from a challenging early life to becoming a billionaire businessman is a story of resilience, dedication, and remarkable achievement. His impact on the financial and retail sectors in Peru and beyond is undeniable. This influential entrepreneur continues to inspire and lead through his unwavering commitment to excellence. For a more in-depth exploration of Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor’s life and the significant impact he has made, visit, where his story has been thoroughly examined.

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