Bunyamin Aydin 101: How He Create a Successful Fashion Brand?
Zatrun Published at March 03, 2023

Bunyamin Aydin is an entrepreneur who was born in Germany and later moved to Turkey, where he founded the famous fashion brand Les Benjamins. He is now considered an inspiration for many people in the fashion industry and a role model for young creatives. In this article of, you can find everything you need to know about Bunyamin Aydin.

Who is Bunyamin Aydin?

Aydin was born in 1989 in Germany. His family never lost touch with Turkish culture, and while growing up in Germany, Bunyamin experienced both Turkey and Germany. At the age of 12, he moved to Turkey and began learning Turkish. He attended universities in Turkey and Switzerland but did not graduate from either.

When he was 19, he used 10 to 15 thousand euros from his family to start his brand while studying advertising. In 2011, he founded his company in Istanbul and began creating a ready-to-wear clothing brand that he wanted to showcase at fashion weeks. His fashion show in Milan was a turning point for his brand and was recognized by magazines worldwide, including Vogue.

Bunyamin Aydin has made a significant contribution to the Turkish fashion industry and is an important figure among Turkish fashion designers. He has a unique style, creates quality products, and has creative ideas that make him a force in the fashion world.

Over the years, Aydin’s creative and innovative ability has brought many successes to the Les Benjamins brand. The brand has gained the attention of many fashion enthusiasts with its collections, designs, materials, and quality. Aydin’s ability to constantly follow and incorporate changing and evolving fashion trends into his brand has also contributed to the brand’s constant growth.

The brand has become global over time and is sold in stores worldwide. Bunyamin Aydin also shows the same interest in his employees and tries to help their careers develop.

Bunyamin Aydin and Les Benjamins

Les Benjamins, founded by Bunyamin Aydin, is an Istanbul-based brand that offers women’s and men’s clothing collections. The products can be found in stores such as Harvey Nichols and Saks 5th Avenue. Les Benjamins started with a project of 30 printed t-shirts and aimed to represent the contemporary Eastern vision. The Les Benjamins logo shows the brand’s unique interpretation of Eastern culture and perspective.

Les Benjamins’ new logo is based on a telemetry camera image and is inspired by culture, travel, and outdoor photography. The flagship store in Istanbul aims to capture the spirit of the multicultural universe and accompany the development of Istanbul’s young population.

The store’s design is simple, natural, and stimulating, with display walls that emphasize the product’s natural texture and an unusual display unit. The Les Benjamins Istanbul Flagship Store offers an innovative platform for Istanbul’s creative minds with its design that triggers creative experiences.

Les Benjamins and Investments

Les Benjamins is a growing brand that has also received investment from Esas Holding in Turkey. The company, which is supported by shareholders Fethi Sabanci Kamisli, Ali Sabanci, Kazim Koseoglu, Can Koseoglu, and Kerem Sabanci Kamisli is more than just a fashion-textile investment.

“Les Benjamins is a Turkish brand that offers a lifestyle and experience to people around the world and is starting to make a difference. We showcase our collections around the world with the idea of ‘real clothes created for real people.’ We are also proud to be one of the most preferred brands for collaboration with world-famous brands and to be in the top spot. We are incredibly happy about the investment made for the first time by Fethi Sabanci Kamisli and his family, who trust in our brand and work. Their current and future investments will increase the value of Les Benjamins.” He said about the company’s investment agreement.

Awards and Projects

Les Benjamins now participates in many prestigious fashion and apparel fairs and has won many awards in competitions. Aydin believes that Les Benjamins will grow even more and become a worldwide brand.

In addition to his brand, Bunyamin Aydin also participates in many social responsibility projects and shares his ideas on environmental and human rights issues. He accepts the richness of cultural differences between Turkey and Germany and aims to unite these differences in many projects.

Bunyamin Aydin is now seen as an inspiration to many people in the fashion industry and a role model for young creatives. He believes in values such as hard work, perseverance, and innovation and has adopted a lifestyle that reflects these values.

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