WOLFBOSS NFT: 6666 Unique NFT Collection
Zatrun Published at March 13, 2023

WOLFBOSS NFT: What is the 6666 Unique NFT Collection? In this article on, we will answer all the questions that our readers are curious about in detail. At the same time, we will also touch on subjects such as the total volume of the WOLFBOSS NFT project, its price, how to purchase it, statistical data.

What is Wolfboss NFT?

It is a unique one-of-a-kind collection prepared by Wolfboss. AI, created specifically to represent superior digital identities, is a randomized conceptualization. The project is a collection of 6666 NFTs created to secure digital footprints in the metaverse. At the same time, it focuses on creating a strong, optimistic, and fearless community.

Wolfboss NFT includes different facial features, clothes, accessories and more to protect your unique identity. Each WOLFBOSS will be the only one of its kind. Each unique NFT will be equipped with game-ready avatars with Hi Poly (Next Generation) and Low Poly (Mobile/VR).

The roadmap of this NFT project is completely focused on Web3 and gaming. While NFTs maneuver in a complex digital world and find their place in society, Wolfboss finds his identity in playable worlds. All NFTs depend on metadata. It can also be played and used in games such as Nifty Island (Blockchain Game). After the initial mint, the project aims to expand towards Web3 development and offer Token users the possibility of paying dividends on at-risk platforms/software. You can find below some benefits of the collection:

  • Ready-to-use, optimized assets for game avatar connectivity.
  • Special events, giveaways, and bonuses for Token holders only.
  • Unique NFT distributed in the Secure ETH Blockchain Smart Contract,
  • Wolfboss game Ready 3D Avatars (Mobile, VR, Nextgen, Movie),
  • Making investments in community initiatives divided by Fixed Dividends and Token Holders,
  • Future Sandbox Virtual Hangout areas exclusive to token holders,
  • Special event invitations for community package members/Token holders.

Road Map of the Project

  • Stage One: Wolfboss Starts: Community building and participation in social media through promotions, giveaways, and competitions. First, we will start joint promotions.
  • Stage Two: Establishment: Focus strongly on the quality of art and building a healthy community for sustainable growth. Recruit new members to the package for Whitelisting opportunities to drive with Wolfboss and show dominance.
  • The Third Stage: Exploration: Preparing for the official mint launch of Wolfboss NFT collections with promotions, press and partnerships.
  • Stage Four: Expansion: Put the package on sale with a saturation of community events, special giveaways, and promotions in the NFT digital space.
  • Fifth Stage: Organization: There are advantages to being able to be a Wolfboss. Plans to invest in the idea of an initiative aimed at community members, providing a fixed-term dividend to be Decoupled among the package. Protect and grow the community further by purchasing land in the Sandbox for our virtual meeting space. Then secure our digital footprint in the Metaverse.
  • Stage Six- The Last Task: We are developing our community to become more powerful. We also offer species/mutation variations to further grow our NFT ecosystem. Use our 3D ready assets for games, VR, and movies to build this Wolfboss brand and create global awareness through partnerships/PR. Invest in additional community initiatives. October. Then expand Web3 and crypto development forever.

What is the Price and How to Buy It?

The WOLFBOSS NFT project is a collection of 6666 NFTs minted on July 28, 2022 at a price of 0.08 ETH. The current base price of the project is seen as 0.01 ETH. The total volume is currently seen as 1 ETH. A total of 695 pieces of digital art works are available from the OpenSea collection of the Wolfboss NFT project. According to OpenSea data, the number of people hosting the project collection is currently seen as 148.

The Wolfboss NFT project is gaining a lot of popularity among investors. Dec. If you are interested in investing in this project, you can start by checking out the page on OpenSea. However, there are a few steps that potential investors should take to become a part of the Wolfboss NFT collection:

First, it is important to have a digital cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. MetaMask is one of the wallets that should be used to make purchases and sales in OpenSea. After acquiring a wallet, investors must purchase ETH to use for paying transactions. This ETH must then be transferred to the crypto wallet. ETH is the most widely used crypto unit for NFT purchases. After the ETH is transferred to the wallet, users must connect their digital crypto wallet to OpenSea. This link will allow them to select and purchase the desired NFT.

Also, the best places where you can buy this NFT are MagicEden and OpenSea. However, you can also buy Wolfboss NFT from other marketplaces such as CoralCub and Solsea.

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