VIDT Datalink (VIDT) 101: Data Security and Verification
Zatrun Published at May 13, 2023

Vidt Datalink (VIDT) Coin is closely monitored by corporate entities for its robust stance and unique technology. It has also piqued the interest of cryptocurrency investors. In this comprehensive guide prepared for our readers eager to get to know the project and its native token VIDT Coin, which is developed in BEP-20 standards, we provide answers to the most pressing questions: What is Vidt Datalink? What unique features does it possess? What are its pros and cons?

Vidt Datalink stands as a hybrid blockchain verification and NFT creation platform offering blockchain-based certificate services. Its native token, VIDT Coin, serves the purpose of recording certification processes on the blockchain. Developed for the placement of VIDT’s certification processes on the blockchain, VIDT Coin is a BEP-20 token.

Vidt Datalink endeavors to cater to the needs of corporate investors and companies seeking to secure their data. It achieves this goal by time-stamping any file shared by any publisher or by recording all the necessary details on the blockchain when an NFT is minted, and VIDT token was developed to this end. The project, built on the Binance Smart Chain, offers innovative solutions for hybrid anchoring and NFT creation.

Founders of VIDT Coin: Anonymous and Advisers

The developers of Vidt Datalink remain anonymous. Instead, information related to the Vidt Datalink Advisory Board, which shares the mission of increasing the adoption of blockchain technology and supporting data integrity, can be found on the project’s website. The Advisory Board includes the following members:

  • Joshua Jenster – Chairman of the Board
  • Gert-Jan Huizer – Strategy and Growth
  • Jolanda ter Maten – EU and Innovation
  • Rudy Bouwman – VIDT and DGB Integrations
  • Petra van Dooren – Lansdorp
  • Rudolf van Ee – Blockchain Ecosystems

Use Cases of VIDT Coin The use cases of VIDT Coin are as follows:

  • Adding timestamps to documents
  • Creating and verifying NFTs
  • Paying network transaction fees

Vidt Datalink’s specialization in data certification sets it apart, focusing on corporate investors and companies. Moreover, the project’s unique features include:

  • VIDT API ensures data integrity between hybrid blockchain and NFT platforms.
  • All Anchor processes and NFT creation processes are recorded in detail on Binance Smart Chain and Digibyte networks through VIDT smart contracts.
  • It assists companies in minting their files, data, or digital art items.
  • Certificates provided for products like NFTs prove ownership in the digital realm.
  • It offers services for digital document verification and security to major companies like IBM, NFT Claim, and AmSpec.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VIDT Coin

The advantages of VIDT Coin include:

  • Ensures security through biometrics and blockchain technology for user transactions.
  • Provides support for NFT creation and verification.
  • User-friendly and supportive to companies in the minting process.
  • Can be used to turn real-world assets into NFTs.
  • Fast and cost-effective platform.
  • Listed on Binance.
  • Maximum token supply is deflationary.

The disadvantages of VIDT Coin include:

  • Investors may question future expectations due to continuous price declines.
  • It primarily caters to corporate solutions, which may be considered relatively limited in scope.
  • Storage in a hardware wallet may be required to mitigate theft and security risks.

In conclusion, VIDT Coin is a unique project that caters to corporate data security and verification needs, specializing in blockchain certification. As with any investment in the cryptocurrency space, it’s essential to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, and market volatility. For further insights, has conducted an in-depth review of VIDT Coin, providing valuable information for informed decisions.

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