Ultra (UOS) 101: Discover the Real Power of Gaming
Zatrun Published at April 05, 2023

Ultra is a desktop platform for publishing games and content. It operates with a native cryptocurrency called UOS and is decentralised. Users can benefit from the games published on the platform, earning passive income by earning UOS. Developers can also sell their products on the platform and receive high profit shares. In this article of, we will examine everything you need to know about the Ultra project, which aims to change the gaming industry.

What is Ultra and How Does It Work?

Ultra is a blockchain platform for producing and publishing video games. The platform also supports content produced for games. The project was established to compete against large game companies such as Steam. It currently provides many opportunities for gamers, game developers, and content creators, and tries to make the gaming world fairer and more decentralised.

The platform, built on the EOS blockchain, benefits from EOS’s high scalability, flexibility, and interoperability features. In addition, there is a utility token called UOS coin built on top of EOS.

Players on Ultra can play instantly playable games and earn passive income by earning UOS coins. They can access specially released games, buy, and sell these games, and earn income by watching advertisements. Specifically for developers, the platform provides high income and advertising opportunities.

Developers have the advantage of accessing impressive marketing tools and obtaining higher profit shares than centralised platforms such as Steam. In addition, they can increase their revenue through referral and reward programs. The fair distribution structure of the platform provides developers with a high opportunity to make a profit.

What is UOS? Is It a Good Investment?

UOS coin is the utility token of the Ultra video game platform, and it operates on the EOS blockchain. Token holders can participate in voting on issues such as game rewards to ensure the decentralisation of the platform.

In addition, users can earn UOS by watching advertisements, and the platform also rewards these individuals with different assets. As a result, UOS coin is the main revenue and payment asset in the ecosystem. Developers, gamers, and influencers make payments and earn returns using this token.

Users can create a free account in the Ultra ecosystem and access games. The desktop application of the platform has a quite simple interface, which is a plus for adoption. Big gaming companies such as AMD and Atari are currently supporting the project.

All Time Price of UOS

While the ecosystem provides a wide range of tools for developers to manage and market their games, it also offers decentralisation and cryptocurrency returns to players. Therefore, the price of UOS coin is dependent on the growth of the NFT and blockchain gaming industry. Therefore, it is important for investors to analyse the market well.

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