TROY 101: Maximise Your Profit with DeFi Services
Zatrun Published at April 17, 2023

TROY is an infrastructure platform that offers fast and secure financial transactions using blockchain technology. This blockchain platform offers its users various financial services such as spot and margin trading, lending, and staking. The cryptocurrency of this platform, initially distributed over the Ethereum network, later began using the BNB Chain network for higher scalability.

The project was designed to provide its users with a secure and efficient trading environment and continues to evolve in this direction. In this article on, you can find more about the crypto.

What is TROY and How Does It Work?

TROY was initially an Ethereum-based infrastructure protocol. However, the team recently launched TROY 2.0, completely changing the project’s vision. Currently, the project has transformed into an inclusive, profitable, secure, hybrid service-oriented smart asset management platform. TROY 2.0 provides a centralised trading centre platform that offers its users a complete range of trading services. It also offers features such as data monitoring and trading on the chain.

Currently, the platform has partnerships with a range of globally renowned companies. These brands include Consensus Lab, AlphaCoin Fund, Signum Capital, and NGC. It collects liquidity from major DEXs, centralised exchanges, and other sources in a single pool through its liquidity aggregator feature. This facilitates users’ trading. Ecosystem also supports users’ decision-making through blockchain data, market data, and other complex data analysis.

Additionally, it also allows users to move their tokens in and out at any time while enabling them to request refunds. Finally, it allows investors to gain flexible profits by providing trend monitoring, arbitrage, and other trading strategies.

Is It a Good Investment?

Platform operates through its customised cryptocurrency, TROY coin. This cryptocurrency plays a supportive role within the platform and is dynamically burned based on the balance between supply and demand. Additionally, those who contribute to maintaining the ecosystem earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency currently has a market value of $32.27 million and is ranked 542nd on the CoinMarketCap list. The ecosystem serves its users with smart and hybrid investment solutions with the introduction of 2.0. With the growth of the DeFi sector and the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the future, the asset’s price may rise again.

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