StormX (STMX) 101: Unlock the Online Shopping Rewards
Zatrun Published at December 26, 2023

Due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, the explosion of cryptocurrency-related smartphone apps is not surprising. While most of these are just for buying, selling, or storing crypto, there are quite a few exceptions, including StormX. This project aims to provide crypto investors with a comprehensive platform with its mobile app and browser extensions. If you want to learn more about MITH token, keep reading this article of

What is StormX and How Does It Work?

StormX is a decentralised and transparent platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency in exchange for their online shopping. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the project has a cryptocurrency called STMX coin and operates on a “Proof-of-Work” consensus algorithm. The most important service offered by the project is cashback rewards for shopping.

StormX (STMX)

With agreements with over 1,000 retail companies such as Nike, Lenovo, eBay, and Samsung, StormX allows users to earn tokens by shopping from these retailers. However, the number of tokens earned varies depending on the membership type and retailer. Users can earn more cryptocurrency rewards by upgrading their membership package. The platform currently has six different membership levels.

StormX is a platform that offers the opportunity to earn profits by completing micro-tasks in addition to cashback rewards. Users can perform various micro-tasks, such as participating in surveys, downloading games and applications, and earning not only STMX coin but also ETH, BTC, DAI, LTC, and YFI coins when completing these tasks.

The bank card provided by the project is integrated with payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. The platform, which can be installed on both IOS and Android operating systems, can also be added to the browser as a web extension. As of the writing of this article, the project’s market value was approximately $59.1 million.

What is STMX? Is It a Good Investment?

STMX, the native cryptocurrency of the StormX platform, offers users passive income opportunities thanks to its stakeable structure. Users can lock their tokens for a certain period and earn additional income at the end of the term. STMX coin also serves as a governance token. Owners of the cryptocurrency can participate in the management of the platform by voting.

StormX is a blockchain project that rewards users through both shopping and digital interaction. The platform, which supports large companies such as Samsung, also rewards users who download and play affiliate games. All these factors make up the main factors that attract users to the platform. Currently, the project is the 355th largest digital asset in the cryptocurrency market and STMX could be rewarding again when the market rises.

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