RMRK 101: An Ultimate Guide to the Versatile Ecosystem
Zatrun Published at March 14, 2023

Interoperability is among the problems the blockchain industry is currently trying to solve. Today, there are many major blockchains on the market, such as Ethereum and Solana. However, most of them operate independently from one another. For example, you cannot move an NFT on Ethereum to the Solana blockchain. Therefore, a series of projects focusing on interoperability, such as the RMRK, have emerged.

The platform is an NFT protocol that aims to create a standard cross-chain ecosystem for NFTs on Polkadot and Kusama. This protocol helps users create their own NFTs by introducing Polkadot’s “system.remark” function. In this article on, we will explain everything you need to know about the project. What is the RMRK protocol and how does it work? Let’s take a look together.

What is RMRK Protocol?

RMRK is a blockchain protocol that brings multi-chain NFTs to the Polkadot ecosystem through the Kusama Canary network. The Kusama Canary network provides a virtual space for developers to test the Polkadot infrastructure, and the protocol provides a framework for writing “graffiti” on the string and interpreting it according to certain rules. These rules allow the “graffiti” to be transformed into unique NFTs, enabling users to see encrypted information differently. The first project built on RMRK was a NFT launchpad framework called Kanaria.

Kanaria has digital, unique, and collectible egg NFTs that can be purchased with KSM payments to finance RMRK. Each egg will eventually become a unique and valuable bird NFT with different features. Collectors can use the ecosystem’s NFT products to interact with their eggs and affect the features of the bird NFT they grow. The project has its own native cryptocurrency, allowing for low transaction fees through RMRK coin. This cryptocurrency works seamlessly with all Substrate-based chains, including Polkadot.

How Does It Work?

RMRK uses Kusama’s “system.remark” code to write special notes (graffiti) on the blockchain. The rules that determine the notes and their interpretations are structured to allow the creation of a unique NFT format. The NFTs on the platform are included in various collections and can also be made up of other NFTs. Therefore, RMRK’s NFTs can be created and used in multiple ways and shapes.

The platform operates in a multi-chain manner. Currently, many blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Kusama, and Optimism, are integrated with RMRK. This provides users with various advantages, including the ability to transfer and sell their NFTs on different blockchains. Within the platform, users can use their NFTs for purposes such as sending them to another user, listing and selling them, buying them, burning them, and sending emojis. Burning and sending emojis can only be done within the RMRK coin ecosystem.

What is RMRK Crypto? Is It a Good Investment?

RMRK token is a cryptocurrency used for various purposes within its own platform, which shares the same name. Like protocol, this multi-chain cryptocurrency supports several networks including Ethereum and Arbitrum, enabling it to be transferred across chains. The cryptocurrency is an altcoin used for purposes such as minting and staking NFTs, while also providing the opportunity to participate in governance. This allows users to join the platform’s DAO through the cryptocurrency and vote on proposals, while also earning passive income by staking the cryptocurrency.

According to analysts, RMRK, currently trading around $2.27, may reach high levels of $15.8 in 2023. Despite the NFT space experiencing a significant rise, it has struggled over the past year. The difficulties in the cryptocurrency market and global economy have also affected digital art.

The cryptocurrency may be a good investment because the protocol offers one of the most advanced technologies in the NFT space. Interoperable NFTs that work across chains take advanced services one step further. In addition, the project aims to integrate with metaverse, like other NFT-based blockchain platforms.

RMRK also allows users to own copyright over their NFTs, allowing them to earn passive income by leasing their NFTs. The cryptocurrency is currently traded on exchanges such as KuCoin and However, before investing in the altcoin, you should conduct your own research. Cryptocurrencies always carry high risk factors, and their prices are extremely volatile.

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