Pangolin (PNG) 101: A Decentralised Exchange with High Potential
Zatrun Published at April 09, 2023

Pangolin Exchange is a multi-chain, decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche Network. The platform offers easy trading and a great experience for both projects and traders, with advanced tools, deep liquidity, and seamless participation. The platform also has its own native cryptocurrency. The native token, PNG coin, has various advantages and use cases on the exchange. This article of will answer all the questions about Pangolin.

What is Pangolin Exchange and How Does It Work?

Pangolin Exchange is a decentralised exchange (DEX) that is based on Avalanche and supports both Avalanche and Ethereum tokens. Using an algorithm instead of an order book, this DEX regulates asset prices with an AMM-based model. It adopts Uniswap’s AMM model but reduces transaction fees and quickly settles transactions, thereby making the user experience the best it can be.

The exchange offers fast and low-cost transaction processing thanks to its Avalanche-based structure. It has a community-oriented, fair, and democratic governance, which is demonstrated by its native token named PNG coin. PNG tokens are not allocated by the team but are distributed with a fair distribution model. Therefore, no one on the team has a stake in the token, showing that the project is public.

Pangolin Exchange is a simple, cost-effective, and high-speed token trading DEX that allows token holders to add liquidity to pools, with liquidity providers earning PGL tokens and a 0.25% gain. After creating a successful pool, they can deposit their PGL tokens to earn PNG coins. Users can also stake their PNG assets to earn Wrapped AVAX, which is part of the Avalanche Rush incentive program.

What is PNG Token? Is It a Good Investment?

The PNG token of Pangolin Exchange is an element that ensures community governance. PNG coin is managed by the holders as a community-focused DEX. The owners of the cryptocurrency obtain advantages such as discounts, bidding, and voting.

Additionally, the token splits a portion of the transaction fees as rewards for miners and holders and pays depositors. The exchange directs 0.30% of transaction fees to liquidity providers. PNG coin holders can also earn passive income through liquidity mining. Furthermore, users can earn Wrapped AVAX by staking their tokens.

Pangolin Exchange is known for its speed. However, users need to pay a nominal transaction fee to access fast transactions. The project continues to be developed by the community. The fair, transparent, and user-friendly altcoin distribution model attracts investors’ attention.

PNG Price

However, being Avalanche-based makes the adoption of Pangolin Exchange dependent on Avalanche. A development in the blockchain could cause users to leave the AVAX ecosystem and, consequently, lead to the loss of users of the DEX.

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