MovieBloc (MBL) 101: Explore the Innovative Stream Platform
Zatrun Published at December 18, 2023

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has undergone a significant transformation. Traditional broadcasters are struggling to compete with contemporary streaming services, and the outcome is clear. It’s evident that digital platforms will be the future of where TV shows and movies are watched, and MovieBloc is trying to be one of them.

This platform creates a blockchain ecosystem where both users and content creators earn using the local token MBL coin. In this article of, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the project, including what MovieBloc is and how it works.

What is MovieBloc and How Does It Work?

MovieBloc is a decentralised blockchain project that aims to make the film industry and content distribution more democratic. It encourages independent content creators using the local cryptocurrency MBL coin. This maintains the diversity of the field by enabling independent producers to compete in the film industry. The platform was initially launched through an ICO by a Korean video streaming site called Pandora.TV, eliminating intermediaries. This opens the way for direct distribution between producers and consumers.

MovieBloc (MBL)

MovieBloc is built on community, market, and donation layers and provides opportunities for users and content creators to earn revenue. When video and film content creators publish their content on the platform, they can receive MBL payments. The content is presented with transparent viewing numbers, and users who add elements like subtitles to video and film content on the platform are also rewarded with MBL coin.

MovieBloc is like Netflix, running on the ONT blockchain. The platform operates with a transparent, decentralised, and community-driven architecture. For example, the platform does not add content subtitles itself. Instead, it leaves adding subtitles to the community and takes on a supervisory role. Those who add subtitles receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Content creators and film producers can directly publish and transfer their productions to users on the platform. The ecosystem has transparent viewing and liking numbers and supports content creators.

What is MBL? Is It a Good Investment?

MBL coin works as a supporting token for the MovieBloc platform and is an ONT blockchain-based token. The project’s local cryptocurrency has many different use cases. First, MBL coin can be used as a payment method for paid content on the platform. Translators and users who add subtitles receive rewards in the form of MBL coin. Additionally, this token is necessary to donate to content creators, translators, reviewers, and other participants.

MovieBloc is currently the 379th largest cryptocurrency project in the crypto market. The project aims to be the future Netflix and has an important place in the blockchain ecosystem in this regard. Currently, there is a lot of labour exploitation and copyright infringement in the film industry, and MBL coin is working to solve these problems. With the increasing adoption of blockchain, the project can offer significant returns to investors.

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