Gameswap (GSWAP) 101: The Gaming and Crypto DEX
Zatrun Published at April 27, 2023

Gameswap is a platform developed to integrate the crypto industry with the gaming sector, allowing developers and content creators to experience the advantages of a DEX for in-game items and token trading. In this article, titled “Gameswap (GSWAP) 101: The Gaming and Crypto DEX,” we will delve into all the topics that readers of may find interesting.

What is Gameswap (GSWAP)?

GSWAP is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform with a community-focused structure that enables the creation and trading of gaming NFTs. The platform’s native token, GSWAP Coin, is an ERC-20-based cryptocurrency used to support and govern the ecosystem.

Gameswap aims to bridge the gaming and crypto industries. Unlike centralized exchanges, the platform operates as a decentralized exchange (DEX), making it completely neutral, community-focused, and 100% open-source. Additionally, unlike platforms that operate with ETH, Gameswap operates as an automated market maker (AMM) for token exchange, using GSWAP Token. Content creators can create their NFTs and trade them on the NFT marketplace provided by the platform.

Content creators on Gameswap can create their NFTs and trade them on the NFT marketplace provided by the platform. All tokens with an ERC-20 contract can be used for NFT buying, selling, and trading. Gameswap acts as a bridge that allows in-game items to be printed as NFTs and uses GSWAP Token in the governance area.

Gameswap (GSWAP) 101: The Gaming and Crypto DEX

What Makes the Project Unique?

Gameswap stands out as a pioneering project that brings together the crypto and gaming industries by being developed as a DEX instead of centralized exchanges that allow in-game asset trading. The developers emphasize that many blockchain projects claim to be P2P but are run by a company. The Gameswap project, developed completely neutrally, community-focused, and 100% open source, stands out with the following features:

  • It focuses on in-game assets as a next-generation DEX.
  • It has a Uniswap-like structure and provides liquidity through AMM pools.
  • Content creators can create NFTs and trade them through the DEX.
  • Gameswap, developed completely decentralized, is controlled by GSWAP token users.
  • It is strengthened with the latest crypto and DeFi standards.
  • GSWAP is used instead of ETH in trading.
Gameswap (GSWAP) 101: The Gaming and Crypto DEX

How to Buy GSWAP Coin?

GSWAP Coin is currently traded on exchanges such as Uniswap (V2) and BKEX. To buy GSWAP Coin, you can choose any exchange that lists it. Follow these easy steps to buy GSWAP Coin:

First, access the web or mobile application of an exchange that lists GSWAP Coin. Then, complete the account creation process. Follow the identity verification and approval process to complete the deposit process. Finally, create a buy order for the desired balance amount of GSWAP Coin and keep it in your secure account.

Gameswap (GSWAP) 101: The Gaming and Crypto DEX

When buying GSWAP Coin, it’s important to pay attention to a few points for security and user experience. When choosing an exchange, it can be useful to choose reliable and reputable exchanges and evaluate factors such as ease of use, trading volume, and transaction fees of the exchange.

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