FunFair (FUN) 101: Discover the Potential of Gaming with FUN
Zatrun Published at April 18, 2023

With a market capitalisation of $72 billion and a growing and massive global customer base, online gambling has caught the attention of blockchain developers. FunFair (FUN), a blockchain company targeting this area, aims to provide blockchain-based gaming technology to the sector. What is FunFair, and how does it work? This guide of includes all the information you need to know about the project. Let’s take a look together.

What is FunFair (FUN) and How Does It Work?

FunFair, also known as FUNToken, is a decentralised gaming platform focused on using blockchain technology for games and lab solutions. It has been managed by Jez San, Jeremy Longley, and Oliver Hopton since 2017. The project allows for the design and deployment of blockchain-based gaming.

Players in the ecosystem are quickly onboarded, and they can start receiving instant payments. The native token of the platform, FUN coin, is used for in-game purchases and fees. It is also given as a reward to users for playing games. Active users on the network receive crypto as a reward for completing tasks.

The biggest challenge that gaming operators face is the trust issue that players have with their offers. Players, even if the real odds of the games they play are clearly stated, often feel insecure. This is because the existing server-based gaming infrastructure is still vulnerable to hacking and fraud. There is no way for players to verify that everything is fair in the games they play.

FunFair is a blockchain-based platform and runs on Ethereum smart contracts, providing players with a transparent, fair, and publicly auditable gaming experience. This means that you do not have to worry about the odds or fairness of a game. Additionally, the rewards in the games are recorded on the blockchain and distributed to users in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Is FUN Token a Good Investment?

Everything on the FunFair platform is done with FUN token. This coin is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. All bets and winnings in the games are distributed in FUN coins. Players can convert their FUN coins to cash or use them to play games and purchase in-game credits. This usage also includes paying game makers and affiliates with FUN coins.

FunFair is an old project in the cryptocurrency market since 2017. The project has lost some of its initial luster, but it still has the potential to be a notable gem. The platform has solved many long-term problems faced by the gaming industry and has a working main product. The management team’s decades of experience in gaming and casinos also help.

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