FitR NFT: 10000 NFTs to Makes Exercise Fun
Zatrun Published at April 24, 2023

FitR NFT: What is the 10000 Unique NFT Collection? In this article on, we will answer all the questions that our readers are curious about in detail. At the same time, we will also touch on topics such as the total volume of the FitR NFT project, its price, how to purchase it and statistical data.

What is FitR NFT?

Supported by powerful AI technology, FitR provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor exercises. It allows users to find their favourite exercises or discover challenging new exercises. Its gamified design makes exercise fun.

Users can challenge their friends and family on FITR or compete to make the exercise more competitive. Exercising with family and friends improves relationships and increases everyone’s physical fitness. In addition, FitR offers players the opportunity to make new training friends from their own communities and all over the world.

According to our plan, the first exercises are jumping exercises (jumping rope, jumps, etc.). Players can choose their favourite jumping exercise, and after completing the exercise, they can be rewarded with game Tokens, which can be used on FITR or sold on the crypto exchange. You can find below the other features of the collection:

  • Efficiency: Starting from the movement score in each training session, the Efficiency value of the NFT acts as a multiplier in determining the total rewards. High Productivity is the most direct factor in increasing rewards.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility affects the rate of Deterioration in the Durability of NFT. Higher Resistance causes Durability to decrease more slowly, requiring less FXT to repair the NFT.
  • Chances: Users will encounter Treasure Chests that are randomly left during exercise sessions. Treasure Chests include FXT, FMT or NFTs (only FXT in the current version). Luck determines the frequency and quality of dropping a Treasure Chest.
  • Speed: Speed affects the frequency of getting bonus points for each move. The higher the Speed of the NFT, the more bonus points the player earns during the training session.

What is the Price and How to Buy It?

FitR NFT is a unique collection of 10000 NFT released on November 06, 2022. The current base price of the project is seen as 0.0006 BNB. The total volume is currently seen as 4 BNB. There are a total of 5130 pieces of digital art in the OpenSea collection of this NFT project. According to OpenSea data, the number of people hosting the project collection is currently seen as 1,525.

The FitR NFT project is gaining a lot of popularity among investors. If you are interested in investing in this project, you can start by checking out the page on OpenSea. However, there are a few steps that potential investors should take to become a part of the FitR NFT collection:

First, it is important to have a digital cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. MetaMask is one of the wallets that should be used to make purchases and sales in OpenSea. After acquiring a wallet, investors must purchase ETH to use for paying transactions. This ETH must then be transferred to the crypto wallet. ETH is the most widely used crypto unit for NFT purchases. After the ETH is transferred to the wallet, users must connect their digital crypto wallet to OpenSea. This link will allow them to select and purchase the desired NFT.

Also, the best places where you can buy this NFT are MagicEden and OpenSea. However, you can also buy FitR NFT from other marketplaces such as CoralCub and Solsea.

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