Everipedia (IQ) 101: Pioneering the Future
Zatrun Published at September 02, 2023

The rise of blockchain technology has permeated various aspects of life, and Everipedia (IQ) has been at the forefront, aiming to provide innovative solutions as a decentralized information ecosystem. In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, Everipedia has piqued the interest of investors with its unique approach. This article delves into the details of Everipedia (IQ), shedding light on its vision and the broader market movements. has thoroughly examined Everipedia, offering a detailed review that serves as an essential guide for all crypto enthusiasts.

What Is Everipedia (IQ) Coin?

Everipedia is more than just a blockchain-based knowledge database; it encompasses a prediction market, a currency market, and a synthetic asset system within its DeFi platform. At its core, Everipedia offers a decentralized information ecosystem. Central to this ecosystem is the native token, IQ, which empowers all applications within the platform, providing governance and strength.

In essence, Everipedia (IQ) can be defined as a cryptocurrency that transports real-world knowledge and data to the blockchain. The IQ token serves as a DeFi, NFT, and Oracle token, focusing on bringing the world’s knowledge to the chain, spanning finance, art, data, and beyond.

Exploring the IQ Project and Whitepaper

Everipedia, succinctly described as a knowledge ecosystem, holds a robust vision and mission, as evident in its technical whitepaper. The project’s vision is to bring blockchain knowledge to the world and transfer knowledge to the blockchain.

In an era marked by misinformation, Everipedia aims to assist in verifying true information and unlock a new use case in the blockchain space. It intends to use blockchain technology to make all information accessible to everyone.

Meet the Minds Behind IQ Coin

Everipedia was founded by a team of individuals who have previously made significant contributions to the industry. The project was initiated by Christian Deciga, Theodor Forselius, Travis Moore, Mahbod Moghadam, and Sam Kazemian.

The project currently operates from the United States, with a diverse team comprising numerous prominent figures. With a strong team and a community-oriented approach, Everipedia stands on a solid foundation.

Versatile Applications of IQ

Everipedia serves as a platform for users to share information that is then recorded on the blockchain. It operates as a Wikipedia on the blockchain and is cryptographically based. The IQ token serves various purposes as a DeFi, NFT, and Oracle token.

It powers the Everipedia encyclopedia, the decentralized prediction market, PerdlQt, a first-party oracle service, OraQles, and the betting platform, HilQ!. Furthermore, it will also be used as the native token for Brainchain, a blockchain dedicated to bringing real-world knowledge to the chain.

What Sets IQ Project Apart?

Everipedia distinguishes itself in several ways. Its vision and past projects set it apart from competitors, presenting unique solutions to offer real-world knowledge, experiences, and data to users. The project has unique features that make it stand out and drive its success:

  1. PrediQT: A prediction market allowing users to create markets for future events.
  2. Opening New Use Cases in Blockchain: A pioneering example in the blockchain field.
  3. Largest Cryptocurrency Knowledge Repository: Hosting the world’s most extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IQ Coin

As with many projects, IQ has its strengths and weaknesses, making it crucial for investors to consider them when strategizing. While its advantages shine, the project also exhibits certain disadvantages that should not be overlooked:


  1. Reward Token: Users can earn rewards by making predictions on platform articles.
  2. Comprehensive Crypto and Exchange Articles: Provides centralized access to articles on cryptocurrency and exchanges.
  3. Blockchain Knowledge Solution: Offers a solution to bring knowledge to the blockchain.


  1. High-Risk Element: Involvement in volatile markets can pose risks to investors.
  2. Limited Distribution of Rewards: Users involved in transactions or completing tasks may not receive rewards.

In conclusion, IQ is at the forefront of decentralized knowledge ecosystems, offering a unique platform to access real-world information through blockchain technology. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, staying informed is crucial. Everipedia’s exceptional vision and unwavering commitment to innovation position it as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency universe.

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