District0x (DNT) 101: Empowering Decentralized Communities
Zatrun Published at May 20, 2023

District0x is a platform developed to allow users to launch their decentralized platforms, governed through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Describing itself as a “decentralized marketplace and community network,” the District0x network’s native token is DNT Token. DNT Token is predominantly used as an ERC-20 utility token for community governance.

The District0x Project and Whitepaper

The development of District0x focused on addressing inefficiencies associated with creating and operating distributed community marketplaces. The project is designed to enable easy initiation of user-governed decentralized platforms, referred to as “districts,” through a DAO structure on the District0x network.

These districts can be initiated freely through the DNT platform, and users are supported by a proprietary d0xINFRA framework that provides a set of fundamental smart contracts and libraries. This enables a wide range of potential use cases within the network. With the slogan “Create, Operate, and Govern,” the network is supported by Web3, Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS.

The District0x platform combines three primary technologies: Ethereum, Aragon, and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Ethereum blockchain is used for hosting districts, Aragon serves as the governance layer for the District0x network and is used by DNT stakers, while IPFS is utilized for presenting the DNT website’s source code and user uploads within districts. Users can create unsupervised, censorship-resistant decentralized applications, marketplaces, and communities on the District0x network.

Who Are the Founders of DNT Token, and What Country Are They From?

DNT was developed by Joe Urgo and Matus Lestan in February 2017. Urgo, the CEO of District0x, has an impressive background as a consultant in the cryptocurrency field. Lestan, working in the position of lead developer at District0x, is recognized as a programmer and developer with approximately 10 years of experience in working with web and mobile applications.

Use Cases of DNT Token

DNT Token is utilized within the District0x network for the following purposes:

  1. Governance: DNT users can participate in voting on decisions related to the platform’s future.
  2. Staking: Stakers can access the governance layer through Aragon.
  3. Investment: DNT Token is used for buying, selling, and trading on exchanges listing the token.
  4. Value Transfer: DNT Token can be used as a representation of value for transfers between exchanges or wallets.

What Sets District0x Apart?

DNT distinguishes itself by enabling users to create decentralized marketplaces and communities, fostering autonomy. Users can create unsupervised, censorship-resistant DApps, marketplaces, and communities on the network, distributed across districts. Several aspects highlight the uniqueness of the District0x platform:

  1. Overcoming inefficiencies in creating and running distributed community marketplaces.
  2. Providing users with a wide array of smart contracts and frontend libraries to support their creations.
  3. Allowing developers to create districts using these features freely.
  4. Utilizing a combination of three major technologies: Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS.
  5. Holding 180 million DNT Tokens for potential participation in future fundraising activities.

Advantages and Disadvantages: DNT Token

DNT project and its native token, DNT, offer various advantages and disadvantages, as listed below:


  1. District0x network can be used freely by developers.
  2. All internet users have the right to freely join the District0x network.
  3. Communities developed within the ecosystem, such as Ethlance, Meme Factory, Name Bazaar, and Stream Tide, can serve as references for the project.
  4. DNT Token is used for governance.
  5. DNT’s security, developed under ERC-20 standards, is provided by Ethereum as it transitions to a PoS system.
  6. DNT Token is listed on some significant exchanges, including Coinbase.


  1. DNT Token is not listed on Binance.
  2. There is no limit to the maximum token supply.
  3. DNT Token prices are subject to high volatility.

In conclusion, DNT Token stands as a testament to the power of decentralization, fostering the creation of autonomous communities and marketplaces. By allowing users to govern their districts through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), District0x empowers individuals to shape their own decentralized platforms.

DNT Token plays a crucial role in this ecosystem, serving primarily as a governance utility token, while the DNT platform’s innovative approach overcomes inefficiencies associated with creating and managing decentralized marketplaces. The combination of Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS technologies, along with the promise of freely initiated districts, sets DNT apart in the decentralized landscape.

While DNT Token brings many advantages, including easy access to governance and security, it’s important to be aware of the potential disadvantages, such as price volatility. As DNT continues to evolve and expand, it remains a noteworthy player in the world of decentralized communities and marketplaces. For more in-depth information and updates, you can visit the official District0x website or refer to additional resources available at, where our experts have delved into the intricacies of this innovative project.

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