DIA 101: Uncovering the DeFi's Unreliable Data Problem
Zatrun Published at April 20, 2023

Blockchain technology has opened new ways of providing and using data, one of which is the DIA (DIA) oracle network. It is a Web3 platform that provides reliable data and offers market participants the opportunity to access, share and supply data. An open-source and multi-chain ecosystem supports the collection of data from multiple sources. In this article of, we will cover topics such as what it is, how it works, and crypto reviews. This way, you will learn more about blockchain technology and data provision.

What is DIA and How Does It Work?

DIA is an oracle network that provides reliable and accurate data through blockchain technology. The network enables users to access various data instantly, share data, and supply it. Established in 2018, the project aims to bring data providers and users together on the same platform. Platform, with its open-source and multi-chain structure, enables the collection of data from multiple sources.

Furthermore, it supports the use of this data in applications such as smart contracts. This allows market participants to access data faster and more securely. Thanks to features such as the ability to access data, share data, and supply data, the network makes it easier for users to find and use data that suits their needs. In this way, it aims to be a leading platform in the Web3 field.

The project was designed to meet the data needs in the world of decentralised finance (DeFi). Institutional investors face difficulties accessing some data in the DeFi sector. The platform, which fills this gap, offers users access to hard-to-find data. The platform aims to continue the flow of open-source and verified data with user confidence. Additionally, it claims that current oracle designs are not transparent and operates its own design transparently.

Is It a Good Investment?

DIA token operates as the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain platform. It was created with an ERC-20 smart contract that functions on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can use DIA coin to provide data, earn income as data providers, and perform DeFi transactions. Additionally, the token can also be utilized for passive income purposes such as staking.

The future of DIA coin is connected to the growth of the decentralised finance (DeFi). Analyst reviews also highlight this. DIA coin, currently the 495th largest cryptocurrency, could rise again when DeFi markets improve. The asset is already traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

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