Chromia (CHR) 101: The Key of Simple and Fast Dapps
Zatrun Published at April 13, 2023

Theoretically, platforms like Ethereum enable the execution of all kinds of decentralised applications (Dapps). However, in practice, there are many limitations that prevent decentralised applications from becoming mainstream. Chromia (CHR) offers developers the opportunity to use familiar paradigms to create secure Dapps.

The platform is designed to improve the user experience of Dapps while being scalable for millions of users. This goal is achieved by rethinking the architecture of blockchain and using relational databases. In this guide of, you can find everything you need to know about Chromia and its native token, CHR coin.

What is Chromia and How Does It Work?

Chromia is a relational blockchain platform that allows users to easily create Dapps. In today’s world, relational databases (social networks, banks, web) facilitate data management because they are based on a mathematical foundation and have been optimised over the years.

The project combines relational databases with blockchain technology to make it easy to create Dapps. Developers can use the platform’s tools to create a variety of applications. They can choose to use the blockchain as private, public, or hybrid while doing so.

Chromia places the blockchain inside a database, adding a lightweight software layer for voting and consensus. This creates nodes that are distributed among various independent participants. When a request is made to write data, it goes to one of the nodes. The nodes examine the request and, if they agree, the data is written and recorded in the blockchain.

Blockchain data and application status are stored in a relational database, providing flexibility, versatility, and consistency. This makes the project ideal for use as both an enterprise blockchain and an independent public blockchain. The platform can also be used as a layer-2 solution in Ethereum, making development and transactions cheaper and faster. Chromia also has a SQL-based coding language called “Rell,” which users can use to easily create Dapps.

What is CHR? Is It a Good Investment?

The native currency CHR strengthens the platform. It creates a mutually beneficial relationship that connects users, developers, and investors. CHR coin is used as a currency on the platform, as well as providing benefits for paying Dapp hosting fees, purchasing, staking, and other areas. Users can earn passive income by staking CHR coin.

Chromia distinguishes itself from other blockchain platforms by using relational databases. The Rell programming language is easier to learn and more efficient than other blockchain languages. It allows developers to write applications seven to ten times faster by allowing fewer lines of code. Chromia’s wallet application, Chromia Vault, provides users with a place to manage their tokens and Dapps on the blockchain. Currently, CHR coin is the 251st largest cryptocurrency.

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