Baby Cake 101: A Pioneering Approach to Crypto Investment
Zatrun Published at May 27, 2023

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, innovation never takes a break. One such innovation that caught the crypto world by storm in the mid-2021s is Baby Cake (BABYCAKE) Coin, built on the idea of “punish the sale, encourage the HODL.” Let’s dive into the details of what Baby Cake Coin is all about.

Baby Cake Coin: A Closer Look

Baby Cake Coin is a cryptocurrency that emerged in July 2021 as a reflection of PancakeSwap’s native token, CAKE. It is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Unlike its predecessor, Baby Cake Coin aims to offer a unique set of features and rewards to its users.

The developers have implemented a distinctive mechanism that penalizes selling and redirects the sales fees to the remaining holders. With every purchase, BABYCAKE imposes a 15% fee, with 7% of it distributed back to the holders. Additionally, to deter swing trading, this fee has an extra 1% allocated to it.

BABYCAKE’s Unique Reward System

Baby Cake introduces an intriguing reward system that issues one token every 60 minutes. This distinctive approach encourages users to hold BABYCAKE, leading to the project’s remarkable success in attracting attention. In a short period, BABYCAKE amassed an impressive following of 40,000 users on Telegram.

The project positions itself somewhere between an asset token and a meme coin, offering a creative solution to incentivize users to hold their tokens. Furthermore, Baby Cake’s successful marketing campaigns play a pivotal role in the project’s growth. A significant portion of the 15% transaction fee, which is redirected, contributes to the marketing budget. Although currently listed on a single exchange, BABYCAKE has managed to gather a dedicated community of users.

Meet the Anonymous Creators of BABYCAKE Coin

Baby Cake is an anonymous project with very little information available about its founders. The CEO and founder, known as “Monk” on Twitter, appears to be of French origin, as indicated in a Telegram video. In addition, Sam Stratten, an Australian from Sydney, serves as the COO of the project.

Use Cases of BABYCAKE Coin

Baby Cake serves various purposes, including:

  1. Transaction fees applied to Baby Cake purchases.
  2. Staking operations that require locking tokens in liquidity pools for a specific period.
  3. A unique rewarding system where users holding BABYCAKE in their wallets receive tokens every 60 minutes.
  4. Buying, selling, and swapping operations through PancakeSwap.

What Sets Baby Cake Coin Apart?

Baby Cake made its entry into the market as the first reflection token of CAKE Token. However, what truly distinguishes Baby Cake is its unique reward system that penalizes sellers and rewards token holders. This innovative approach swiftly gained popularity and brought BABYCAKE closer to meme coins with a substantial user base. Here are some features that make BABYCAKE Coin stand out:

  1. One-third of the fees from selling transactions are redistributed to token holders, penalizing users for selling while rewarding those holding the token.
  2. Users holding a minimum of 200,000 BABYCAKE Tokens in their wallets earn rewards every 60 minutes.
  3. An “automatic staking” mechanism has been developed for users.
  4. Baby Cake boasts 40,000 followers on Telegram and 15,000 on Twitter.
  5. Token-locking liquidity pools maintain a 3% share.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BABYCAKE Coin

Although a relatively new project, BABYCAKE Coin has experienced rapid fame due to its successful marketing efforts. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of BABYCAKE Coin:


  1. Users holding Baby Cake Tokens can benefit from rewards equivalent to 33% of transaction fees.
  2. Users holding a minimum of 200,000 BABYCAKE Tokens receive rewards every 60 minutes.
  3. Passive income can be generated through staking.
  4. The project’s marketing efforts, led by the development team, have been successful.


  1. The high 15% transaction fee on selling can deter potential investors during the initial investment phase.
  2. Limited accessibility to a specific exchange, PancakeSwap, restricts the user base.
  3. BABYCAKE prices are highly volatile.
  4. The maximum token supply, capped at 100 billion, is hyperinflationary.
  5. The information available on the website and in the whitepaper is limited.

In conclusion, BABYCAKE Coin’s unique approach to the crypto market, penalizing sellers and rewarding holders, has made it an intriguing project in the cryptocurrency space. As with any crypto investment, it is essential to evaluate the distinctive features, advantages, and potential risks of the project. For a more in-depth analysis of BABYCAKE Coin, you can visit, where we’ve conducted an extensive review. BABYCAKE Coin, a promising addition to the world of cryptocurrencies, has definitely made a mark in the crypto sphere.

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