AstroElon (ELONONE) 101: Inspired Crypto Universe
Zatrun Published at January 21, 2024

In the ever-expanding realm of cryptocurrency, a project inspired by the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, known for his roles at Tesla and SpaceX, has been captivating the interest of space enthusiasts and crypto investors alike.A

AstroElon, with its remarkable ecosystem growth, passionate community, and rewarding system through the ELONONE Token, has been making waves. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of AstroElon, exploring what sets it apart and its advantages and disadvantages. As your trusted source, has meticulously examined all aspects of ELONONE.

AstroElon (ELONONE) Coin: Unveiling the Future

AstroElon (ELONONE) Token represents a fully decentralized, secure, community-driven, and Elon Musk-inspired meme coin that aims to provide real utility. With the slogan “Meet Real Memetility,” ELONONE enters the market as a hyper-deflationary ERC-20 token.

AstroElon was born to address the frequent issues of scams and project abandonment seen in meme coins, with a mission to support the ELONONE Token with multiple use cases within the AstroElon network. It’s a project passionately embraced and managed by a fantastic community, taking direct inspiration from Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla.

ELONONE has been designed as a hyper-deflationary token that rewards users with a 2% reflection fee on every transaction, allowing them to watch their portfolios grow with each transaction. This automated rewarding system, also known as automatic staking, requires users to hold ELONONE in their wallets.

AstroElon currently comprises two parts in its ecosystem: AstroZero, a gas-free NFT marketplace, and RocketDash, a 3D NFT rocket racing game. The usage of ELONONE tokens on these platforms is just the beginning, and further integration of ELONONE is planned. The project has garnered attention for its remarkable achievement of a 100-year liquidity lock and a security audit by Solidity Finance.

The Visionaries Behind ELONONE Coin: A Community-Driven Initiative

The ELONONE community uses pseudonyms, and the project is entirely managed by what the developers proudly describe as a “fantastic community.” Here’s a list of the team members and their roles:

  • Astro – Full Stack Developer
  • Dean – Product Development / Community Manager
  • James – Project Lead
  • Larry – AstroZero Management
  • Nate – Partnership Advisor
  • Phil – RocketDash Community Leader
  • Wyatt – Technology Leader / Community Management
  • Jarrid – RocketDash Development Lead

ELONONE finds applications in various areas:

  • Transaction fees
  • Reflection rewards
  • AstroZero NFT marketplace
  • RocketDash 3D NFT game
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges for trading and swapping, used for investment purposes

What Makes AstroElon Unique?

AstroElon shares some similarities with other meme coin projects but takes a unique route by choosing Elon Musk as its source of inspiration for its meme coin, rather than drawing from popular meme coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. AstroElon stands out in several ways:

  • Hyper-Deflationary Token: ELONONE’s circulating supply decreases every day due to accumulation in wallets.
  • Community-Driven: The entirely decentralized project is managed by a community of crypto enthusiasts dedicated to bringing real value to the explosive meme coin arena.
  • Reflection Fee: Transaction fees, set at 2%, are automatically sent to ELONONE wallets.
  • AstroZero: Based on ELONONE community principles, AstroZero is a gas-free NFT marketplace.
  • RocketDash: RocketDash, developed in the play-to-earn category, is a 3D NFT rocket racing game.
  • Vitalik Buterin Burn: A significant portion of ELONONE tokens, equivalent to 40% of the total supply or 387,528,768,307,294 ELONONE tokens, was burned by Vitalik Buterin.
  • 100-Year Liquidity Lock: Immediately after launch, ELONONE was locked in the Uniswap pool for 100 years.

The Pros and Cons of ELONONE Coin

AstroElon stands as a thriving community project with continuous development. While it boasts numerous advantages, it’s essential to be aware of its potential disadvantages:


  • Passive Income: ELONONE holders witness their balances grow through a 2% reflection fee on every transaction.
  • NFT Trading: AstroZero marketplace provides an opportunity to earn through NFT sales.
  • Fast Transaction Speed: ELONONE transactions are swift.
  • Low Transaction Fee: ELONONE transactions come with a low 2% tax.
  • Decreasing Token Supply: ELONONE operates as a hyper-deflationary currency, leading to a continually decreasing circulating supply.
  • Widespread Utility: Developers aim to encourage ELONONE usage in existing systems while expanding their ecosystem with new developments.


  • Limited Accessibility: ELONONE is currently listed on only two cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Price Volatility: ELONONE prices exhibit high volatility.
  • High Token Supply: ELONONE’s maximum supply is inflationary.
  • Intense Competition: ELONONE faces direct competition with other meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and more.

In conclusion, AstroElon (ELONONE) represents a project that has carved its unique niche in the world of meme coins by directly aligning itself with Elon Musk’s vision. While the project has its strengths, the crypto market’s inherent risks and volatility should not be overlooked when considering ELONONE as an investment option.

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