Altura (ALU) 101: Empowering Dynamic NFT Creation
Zatrun Published at March 12, 2023

In-game items are an integral part of computer games, with hundreds of items ranging from weapons to costumes created by developers that serve various functions in the games. With the emergence of NFTs, the real-world value of in-game assets has become apparent. Some of these assets have significant value among players and are sold for money outside of the games in which they were created. Altura (ALU), a blockchain project launched in 2021, takes NFT technology a step further.

Altura has released a special type of NFT called “smart NFTs”. The project helps developers integrate these NFTs into games and applications by developing various tools and infrastructure. The platform’s native cryptocurrency, ALU, reached high levels with the bull run that emerged in the latter half of 2021. So, will this project that develops NFT products for Web3 games be successful? In this article of, you can find everything you need to know about Altura (ALU).

What is Altura (ALU) and How Does It Work?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investment tools. However, unlike cryptocurrency, the value of NFTs is determined by their uniqueness. The creators of these digital items directly benefit financially through collections. Currently, NFTs are highly static investment tools in the market. However, Altura enables the creation of more dynamic NFTs through its “Smart NFT” technology.

Fundamentally, Altura is a platform built on the BNB Chain blockchain and has a cryptocurrency called ALU. This platform consists of a marketplace and a development section that enables users to create and trade NFTs. Through smart NFTs, the project plans to transfer new generation digital items to games by making them more dynamic. These can be developed like a video game character that becomes stronger with each use by adding new features to the NFT you own.

Altura is a project that serves in the NFT, Web3, and gaming fields, launched by two Canadian programmers. The platform provides a complete development toolkit to easily integrate NFTs into any third-party application without any Web3 knowledge. This allows everyday web and game developers to benefit from the power of NFTs. The project’s website describes its smart NFTs as an “extension developed from NFT technology.”

Smart NFTs differ in various aspects, such as time-based access. For instance, a person’s ownership of a particular NFT has an expiration date. Altura is developing smart NFTs that can change based on a set of fulfilled conditions. As an example, on their website, when you use an NFT in the form of a video game sword to kill a monster, your NFT evolves. Additionally, the platform also offers products such as an NFT marketplace, simple APIs, and integration tools.

Is ALU a Good Investment?

ALU coin is the auxiliary token of the Altura ecosystem. This cryptocurrency uses the BEP-20 smart contract and allows holders to perform various transactions. When users purchase a digital item through the NFT marketplace, they pay with ALU coins and receive various advantages such as a 2% discount on the NFT price. Additionally, ALU coins can be staked. Users who lock their assets in the blockchain earn additional cryptocurrency rewards.

ALU coin is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 990 million tokens. Currently, 719 million tokens are in circulation. Altura’s total market cap is around $13.1 million, making it the 707th largest project in the market. ALU reached its all-time high in November 2021 when one token was worth $0.42. However, like the entire market, the asset experienced a downturn in the bearish market of 2022. Today, if you want to buy ALU coin, you can obtain it for $0.018 per token.

The cryptocurrency analysis platform WalletInvestor, which takes an optimistic view of Altura, predicts that ALU coin will reach $1.14 within 5 years. Another analysis platform, Gov.Capital, says that the token will reach $0.37 in 2023. Finally, DigitalCoinPrice, which takes a more pessimistic view, says that ALU will trade at $0.17 in 5 years. Despite the positive outlook, it’s important to remember that all these predictions are merely assumptions. Before investing, do your research and analyse the risks.

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