Alpaca Finance 101: Explore the Safe Crypto Lending Ecosystem
Zatrun Published at April 02, 2023

BNB Chain, Locked Total Value (TVL) is the second largest blockchain after Ethereum in terms of total value locked. The BSC ecosystem has completed the DeFi infrastructure and is now ready to integrate the flow of money into its applications. Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) comes into play at this point, enabling users to benefit from decentralised finance products. So, what is the ALPACA, which is among the platforms with the highest TVL on BNB Chain? In this article by, we will cover the project.

What is Alpaca Finance and How Does It Work?

Alpaca Finance is a lending protocol with leveraged yield farming feature built on BNB Chain. Lenders receive safe and stable returns, while borrowers can apply for collateralised loans to make profits through leveraged farming. Yield farming is a common model where AMM incentivises users to provide liquidity to the protocol. In return, they can farm and receive the project’s native token.

Leveraged yield farming is another version of normal yield farming. Liquidity providers can borrow to significantly increase their profits. It is believed that this model develops the protocol in two directions. The project strengthens liquidity while maximizing user benefits by rewarding them with coins. This way, it attracts more users every day.

The working of Alpaca Finance is quite simple. As mentioned above, there are two main participants in the ecosystem: lenders and borrowers. You can benefit from being either one of them. Lenders can increase their profits with interest returns, ALPACA coins, and other token incentives. On the other hand, borrowers can benefit from yield farming incentives, low transaction fees, and ALPACA rewards. Automatic staking and flexible deposit options also enhance the efficiency of the platform.

What is ALPACA Token? Is It a Good Investment?

ALPACA is the native cryptocurrency of the Alpaca Finance platform. This BEP-20 token works both as a governance and a service token, playing a crucial role in sustaining and developing the DeFi ecosystem. Users have the advantage of receiving incentives and earning passive income through staking with this cryptocurrency.

ALPACA’s Price

Alpaca Finance was launched in the first quarter of 2021. Despite being a new project, it managed to become a blue-chip protocol on BNB. It consistently ranks among the top 5 BNB Chain projects in terms of Locked Total Value (TVL). In addition to TVL, the project is also in the top 5 in terms of user count. This indicates the project’s popularity in the DeFi field. Alpaca, currently the 431st largest project, is listed on exchanges such as Binance, Bitget, and KuCoin.

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