Airdrop 101: Explore the Free Crypto Campaigns
Zatrun Published at April 12, 2023

For most crypto investors, nothing is more important than getting a return on their investments. This can be achieved quickly or become difficult due to volatility. Therefore, crypto airdrops are a cheap way to obtain additional income from your portfolio. So, what is it and how do you get these free coins?

Almost every day, new crypto campaigns are released, some of which are easier to obtain than others. Each campaign is not equally trustworthy, and while airdrops may seem very profitable at first, they can also cause problems. We have prepared a guide to ensure that you can profit from these campaigns. In this article of, you can find answers your questions.

What is Airdrop?

With more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies flooding the market, it is always difficult for a new coin to gain trading momentum. These campaigns offer a way for crypto projects to stand out from the crowd by giving users tokens. So, what is airdrop?

Airdrop is a campaign where investors can obtain cryptocurrencies without paying for them. Distributing free cryptocurrency may seem like a bad business, but there are some significant advantages to using a portion of the founder team’s coins for a campaign.

These Campaigns allow a blockchain project to introduce its cryptocurrency, resulting in more people trading it. This leads to the project standing out in the large crypto market and gaining more adoption. There are many ways for crypto enthusiasts to qualify for a campaign. However, the most popular one is the airdrop that requires the recipient to already hold some of the cryptocurrencies. This also leads people to buy tokens to participate in the launch.

How to Join These Campaigns?

Not everyone wants to invest in a new cryptocurrency, and alternative methods for winning airdrops have emerged. Users can also earn rewards by signing up for a newsletter, following social media platforms, or sharing a post about it on a forum.

However, fraud is widespread in this area and is a major concern. By signing up for a crypto campaign, you may give your money or sensitive information to a fake platform. The Coinbase Threat Intelligence team is tracking phishing campaigns for airdrops.

Despite fraud, there is a large community dedicated to receiving these methods because there are also legitimate rewards. Learning about upcoming crypto rewards and how to qualify for them may seem difficult. However, there are various resources for investors. For example, offers a regular list of new campaigns for investors. Active projects specify their own terms and reward amounts on their websites. By meeting these requirements, you can participate, and start earning.

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