Sharkz Entertainment NFT: 7777 Unique Sharkz NFTs
Zatrun Published at March 06, 2023

Sharkz Entertainment NFT: What is the 7777 Unique NFT Collection? In this article on, we will answer all the questions that our readers are curious about in detail. At the same time, we will also touch on subjects such as the total volume of this NFT project, its price, how to purchase it and statistical data.

What is Sharkz Entertainment NFT?

Welcome to Shark Entertainment, an ocean-themed brand created and maintained in the metaverse by our community of “Web 3 surfers on the project website. Our goal in the project is to create a fun word game and invite you to join us in building this journey together. This project was born out of the love and excitement we felt for the vast blue sea. Instead of looking for an all-encompassing ocean-themed metadata repository, we decided to create our own ecosystem for Web3 users.

Get to know our Sharkz NFT genesis collection, an NFT project with 7,777 collections focused on community, adventure, and collaboration. Each selected Sharkz Entertainment NFT will exist on the Ethereum Blockchain with a unique combination of features.” It is expressed in the form.

Sharkz Entertainment NFTs represent a part of our community and by having one you become part of the story. As a Sharkz owner, you can get access to special events, collaborations, and experiences. NFTs are not just collectible items. They are also an environment for community engagement. As a Sharkz owner, you will be able to join our Discord channel and vote on community proposals. Owning a Sharkz will give you membership and privileges in the physical and digital world.

The Sharkz Entertainment NFT genesis collection is just the beginning. They have many exciting plans, including expanding the ecosystem with more NFT collections, games, and experiences. He wants to create a world where the community can explore, play, and develop together. He also believes in sustainability and giving back at Sharkz Entertainment. The team will spend part of the profits on ocean conservation efforts and partnerships will be established with organizations that are dedicated to protecting the oceans.

What is the Price and How Can You Buy It?

Sharkz Entertainment is a collection of 7777 NFTs minted on October 01, 2022 at a price of 0.02 ETH. The current base price of the project is seen as 0.0008 ETH. The total volume is currently seen as 28 Ethereum. There are a total of 7776 pieces of digital artworks in the OpenSea collection of this NFT project. According to OpenSea data, the number of people hosting the project collection is currently seen as 4,235.

The Sharkz Entertainment NFT project is gaining a lot of popularity among investors. If you are interested in investing in this project, you can start by checking out the page on OpenSea. However, there are a few steps that potential investors should take to become a part of this NFT collection:

First, it is important to have a digital cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. MetaMask is one of the wallets that should be used to make purchases and sales in OpenSea. After acquiring a wallet, investors must purchase ETH to use for paying transactions. This ETH must then be transferred to the crypto wallet. ETH is the most widely used crypto unit for NFT purchases. After the ETH is transferred to the wallet, users must connect their digital crypto wallet to OpenSea. This link will allow them to select and purchase the desired NFT.

Also, the best places where you can buy this NFT are MagicEden and OpenSea. But you can also buy this NFT from other markets, such as CoralCub and Solsea.

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